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Site Updates – September 8th

Been making a lot of progress on content side stuff the past few weeks. Gave the Darwinia guides a full pass, around half of the Steel Storm guide and have made some progress on...

Fixes & Reformatting 0

Fixes & Reformatting

Just completed a complete pass of the site, fixing a lot of formatting/corruption issues that have happened over the years. Everything looks to be in tip top shape from here on out.

Site Updates 0

Site Updates

The Steel Storm guide will finally be receiving its theme update to Suffusion today. Expect some wonkiness as the changes are implementes.

Guide Updates – 1/2/2012 0

Guide Updates – 1/2/2012

Some new changes were made to the Darwinia guide. All the level guide pages have had buttons implemented that lead to the previous and next missions as they were performed in the writing of...

BRB… Skyrim 0

BRB… Skyrim

So whats been going on? A whole lot of Skyrim and Saints Row the Third videos, that’s what. Check out our YouTube channel to see them. Various updates have been taking place here on...

Time for some dust. 0

Time for some dust.

The Darwinia guide is getting an overhaul. Expect some weirdness with the site while everything is upgraded to its new format. Apologies for the dust. More developments with Darwinia will come shortly and a...

Major Site Changes 0

Major Site Changes

The Darwinia guide is about to undergo some radical redevelopment as we push out some new changes that will soon find themselves on the rest of the site. The most significant change of this...