Read This First

Check here if this is your first time on the forums. Read the short list of important rules and introduce yourself here.

Read This First

Postby krackers » Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:06 pm

This post covers the very limited rules that you should follow on this site.

1. Introduce yourself in this forum after making your account. (Optional but recommended)
2. No Pornographic shit.
3. No warez, cracks or torrent site/illegal distribution links.
4. No graphic violence, guro or any of that sort of shit either.
5. Don't be a douche-bag. Use common sense here. If you are unable to figure out what a douche-bag is, you probably are one.

Please keep in mind, the content rules are designed to keep this site alive. This is unlikely to change since the site has to conform to certain rules set by others. If it were all up to me, chaos would reign, alas.... If this bothers you, may i suggest ebaums?

One final note, I realize torrents aren't all illegal. However, ICE and Google do not and therein lies the problem.
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