Currently there are only video guides for the campaign of AOE III: The Warchiefs, there may be a full text & image guide developed in the future, but there are currently no plans to do so. For the video guides, you will find a total of 15 videos, one for each mission of the two acts, played through on the hardest difficulty with commentary.

Act I: “Fire”

Mission 1: “War Dance”

Mission 2: “The Rescue”

Mission 3: “Breed’s Hill”

Mission 4: “Crossing the Deleware”

Mission 5: “Saratoga”

Mission 6: “Valley Forge”

Mission 7: “The Battle of Morristown”

Mission 8: “The Battle of Yorktown”

Act II: “Shadow”

Mission 1: “The Bozeman Trail”

Mission 2: “Red Cloud’s War”

Mission 3: “Claims”

Mission 4: “Ambushed!”

Mission 5: “Turning Point”

Mission 6: “Trust”

Mission 7: “Battle of Little Bighorn”