Indie, god-like/real time strategy hybrid
Single player story only (11 Levels)
Developed by Introversion Software
Release Date: Jul 14, 2005
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Xbox 360
Official Site


Combining fast-paced action with strategic battle planning, Darwinia features a novel and intuitive control mechanism, a graphical style ripped from 80’s retro classics like Tron and Defender, and a story concerning a tribe of nomadic sprites trapped in a modern 3D world.

Our Opinion:

One of the best indie games. Ever. If you don’t know anything about this game, make sure to watch the videos as words would be hard pressed to convey it’s awesomeness.

S*E Guides for Darwinia

Full Game Guide

Development Status: Mostly Finished, No additions planned. See main guide for details.

The guide for Darwinia aims to cover all aspects of the game and resides on it’s own sub domain on this site. You can find the full guide for this game below, with more details within on the specifics covered, development status and so forth. If you only wish to watch the videos, which are also included in the full guide, you can find them as a playlist below.

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