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Supreme Commander is a Real Time Strategy game designed by Chris Taylor, the mind behind the spiritual predecessor to Sup Com, Total Annihilation.

About the Guide

This Supreme Commander FAQ is not focused on the storyline or flavorful aspects of the game, but on the technical and data-driven aspects. It’s a reference for those of us who want to know what’s happening under the hood of the game, how to tweak the last ounce of usefulness out of our units, how to beat that unsolvable campaign two different ways.


Throughout this guide, “Commander” and “ACU” are used interchangeably, as are “Subcommander” and “SCU”. Anti-air is sometimes abbreviated to “AA”. Resource costs are usually put in terms of M, E, T: Mass, Energy, Time to build. Each unit of time (T) is 1 second for a unit with build speed 1. For example, the Commander has build speed 10, so he can build a unit with cost T300 in 300/10 = 30 seconds, and if its mass cost is M60, he uses 2 mass/sec.

XBOX Version

This guide does not cover the Xbox 360 version of Supreme Commander. While there are a lot of core similarities in terms of factions, missions, units and their stats, and so forth, there are a lot of glaring differences when it comes to controls used and the overall gameplay presented. The original guide was written for the PC version exclusively and there are currently no plans to add Xbox specific info.

Guide Index

  • Controls – Details on how to use the interface and basic commands.
  • Campaign Walkthrough – Guides for each mission.
  • UEF – The United Earth Federation and their unit list.
  • Aeon– The Aeon faction and unit list.
  • Cybran – The Cybran Nation and unit list.
  • Faction Unit Comparisons – Analysis of the different counterpart units of each faction.
  • Economy – More intricate details on how economy works in the game.


Original Guide by Robyrt

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2007, Robert Marney (aka Robyrt). All rights reserved. Use of this file or any portion thereof is permitted for personal use only; do not republish or duplicate without explicit permission of the author.

My summary of adjacency bonuses in 5.2 is heavily influenced by Spura’s guide. The campaign walkthroughs owe much to Tim Bogenn’s strategy guide. Unit blueprint files were decoded and uploaded by
Many thanks to whoever that is – you’ve made this project possible. Upgrades were typed in manually by Robyrt.

Standard of Entertainment Guide

Original Author: Robyrt

This guide is modified from the original and hosted by Standard of Entertainment by permission of the original author, intended to serve as a series of walkthroughs and instruction to be used with the game Supreme Commander. These permissions are non-transferable.

Keyboard Icons are by Chromatix (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Where to Buy Supreme Commander

Windows users can purchase this game from the digital download services listed. Xbox 360 copies are in short supply and can only be bought as physical copies. There is no ability to buy directly from the developer. Asterisks mark affiliate links and help support this site.

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Good Old Games
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