Mission 5: “Bolivar’s Revolt”

In the level Bolivar’s Revolt of Act Three, Amelia and Kanyenke have begun their travels towards South America in search of the fountain’s water rumored to be stashed away there. On the way, they end up caught in a revolution and will side with Bolivar’s army to make their way through.

Primary Objective: Help General Bolivar free the town to the north.

"Age of Empires 3" - Act III Steel - Mission 5: Bolivar's Revolt (1 of 8)
Freeing the first town with Bolivar.

You will start this level with a handful of mercenaries and your heroes alongside Bolivar and his forces. As the level starts, he will begin the attack on the first of four towns that can be freed from the Spanish. Group up with his forces but let his Infantry take the lead while you hang back and prioritize anything shooting his cannon. The ship you start out with can be used to help bombard any enemy units close enough to the shore. Once the defenders are down along with the Outpost, the town is turned over to your control.

Primary Objective: Help General Bolivar free two more towns.

Soon a timer will begin to count down until the next attack is launched by Bolivar on the second town. In the meantime, get to economy building while constructing a Frigate right away at your docks and an Outpost by the top left corner of your base, against the shore and cliff to help protect against enemy ships. Send fishing boats to the southern schools of fish to keep them out of the ways of the advancing enemy, with the exception of the four fishing boats you should eventually (after the first enemy naval attack) send to harvest from the Whale. Around the three minute mark before the next attack, you should try to pump out a large group of Musketeers and work on some upgrades for them.

When the next attack begins, join Bolivar’s forces again to move against the second town. Don’t worry about leaving much in the way of defenses since the only route the enemy can attack from on land is the one you will be advancing on. There are two Outposts that will need to be taken out along with more enemy infantry and cannon that you will need to prioritize. Once the town is free, you will have access to its Artillery Foundry, a free Mortar, and the Arsenal which should now be used to upgrade Infantry.

Send resource stack cards to help speed up your growth and start saving towards hitting age four to unlock Factories, which should be happening about a minute before Bolivar makes his third attack for the third town. Build one or two artillery from your foundry but not much more while filling out your forces with more Musketeers. The third attack is much the same as the second, just with more units, but will give you access to another town with more barracks. Pull the Settlers that you are given back from their Mills asap or they will be massacred by the Spanish Outposts along the ridge nearby. Send for your Factory card when you hit age four and build both to produce Heavy Cannon for the final assault.

Secondary Objective: Rescue Bolivar (300 XP)

If Bolivar ever takes too much damage and is incapacitated, you will be given this repeatable objective to earn some experience by resuscitating him. This works the same as with your own heroes, just keep some units near him until e wakes back up.

Secondary Objective: Free all four villages from the Spanish. (1000 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act III Steel - Mission 5: Bolivar's Revolt (6 of 8)
Bombarding town 4’s Outposts with Mortars from town #3.

Once you have freed the third town, you will be able to see the fourth town to the northeast. You can actually free this town without going near it by bombarding the Outposts inside of it with Mortar from the third town. Bringing the towers down will give you access to the fourth town, some free cavalry, stables, and some nice experience for shipments.

Primary Objective: Destroy the Spanish fort’s Command Post.

From here on out, stock up on Heavy Cannon from your factories while prioritizing your economy to do nothing but pump out Musketeers and upgrades for infantry and artillery. While this goes on, harass the Spanish by bombarding anything you can reach with your Mortar from the third town. Wait for the final timer to count down and just move out with Bolivar’s forces one final time to roll over the Spanish fort to complete this level.

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