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Invision Game Community

Invision Game Community was created in January 2011, with one thing in mind, to allow students training in I.T or journalism within a university or college and chance to build up their C.V. Everyone in the industry knows that an education does not 100% promise you a job, there is always that middle ground we need to cross education/no experience or experience/no education.

Invision Game Community is a press company based in the UK and run from the comfort of our homes. We allow students to join and write reviews on the games they enjoy; we upload your reviews to our site and send details to the publishers.

Invision Game Community are also partnered with MergeGaming a specialist PC publisher based in the United Kingdom. This allows us a unique opportunity to provide indie companies as well as upcoming student game designers and developers a chance of getting there games published with an authentic up and coming British publisher.

This is a great opportunity for students to join, build up their C.V and gain experience in the press/gaming industry.

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