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Site Updates – Back to Core

So after my last post I spent a lot of time mulling over whether it was worth it to keep trying to bash my head against what is clearly a brick wall of progress....


WP Multisite is a Money Trap

Second rant for today, but this is something I really need to get off my chest. I am so fucking fed up with the way WordPress plugin developers screw over Multisite users. It’s absolutely...

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PSA – Necroing Threads Is Good

Yes, that’s right, its unpopular opinion time. So I’m sure most people reading this have been to a few different game forums at this point in their lives, and if you have, you’ve probably...

Darwinia Gets Some Love Again

Darwinia Gets Some Love Again

So the Darwinia guides have gotten another make over. A complete one this time, in under 24 hours, with a bit of new content. Give it a look cause there will be more to...

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Surprise! Not Dead.

Check it out, new site design! It only took 10 years for it to not be garbage. This time I decided to finally pay for some nice plugins… It was excruciating. Either way, this...

Fuck Blizzard

Fuck Blizzard

So once again things have gotten quiet here at Standard Of Entertainment, long story, but the short of it is, this is a small operation that’s never made much money and is run by...

Steel Storm Guides Cleaned Up

Steel Storm Guides Cleaned Up

Another new announcement today. The Steel Storm Guide site has been given a thorough cleaning and maintenance pass. Everything has been fixed, a lot of formatting has been cleaned up and the Breadcrumb navigation...

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Fixes & Reformatting

Just completed a complete pass of the site, fixing a lot of formatting/corruption issues that have happened over the years. Everything looks to be in tip top shape from here on out.

Saints Row Guide Is Up

Saints Row Guide Is Up

Our next major announcement this week, the Saints Row guide by Ron Hiller is live once more. It has been cleaned up and additional work has been done to finish getting all the original...