The Homeworld 2 guide has been republished and is live once more at it’s new location,

The Homeworld 2 portions already done have also been updated with new imagery from the remastered edition and work has begun to finally fill out the remaining portions, like the Vaygr ship lists and the last 10 campaign missions, which have gone untouched for so long.

In addition, we are looking for writers to hire for the site, specifically to write about Homeworld games, and possibly hosting guides written by faq authors, giving them a fresh new look.

It’s worth mentioning that while promises for changes have been made in the past, there is truly a bigger effort than before to get things into full swing here. In the next few weeks, our other self-hosted guides will get a similar treatment. Some of you may notice that these guides are now being hosted off site through the blogger platform. This was done because managing a multi-network WordPress install while trying to get off the ground floor, was just unfeasible in the long run, a major contributor to the stagnation of this project over the years.

Doing this will allow us to focus our efforts more on producing content, as opposed to managing back-end software and dealing with the slowness of the rented server space we use when taxed with such heavy loads that WP was putting on it. For you, the reader, you’ll end up also getting a smoother experience as our content will be served faster to you and more securely, since we are piggybacking on the expertise and systems of those far more established than us. Eventually in time, things may move back, but that’s a ways off for now.

The main hub, Standardof.Net, will remain hosted here, where you are reading this now. Its just the sub-domain hosted guides that are moving off-site (hardware wise) but they will be keeping the same domain structure as before.

In the mean time, I’ll skip on the additional promises and just post more updates when I have them.

P.S. Apologies for the ridiculous articles that have popped up in the news feed. We’ve been doing some tests regarding the platform using old crap articles I wrote back in my young days of a guide writer (I was trash then, I admit). Those will be removed soon.

Last Updated on March 10, 2019 by Standard of Entertainment