Mission 4: “The Seven Years War”

With John and Kanyenke now pursuing Warwick to seek the return of John’s uncle Stuart, history is playing it’s part with the start of the Seven Years War taking place. Our heroes make an uneasy alliance with the French whom while not trusted are still the enemy of our enemy, thus for the time being, our friends.

Primary Objective: Help destroy the British on your side of the river.

"Age of Empires 3" - Act II Ice - Mission 4: The Seven Years War (1 of 4)
Driving the British out of the French side of the map.

At the start of the level The Seven Years War you will be in command of a small force of military units on the french side of the map which is divided in two by a river running through the middle. Your first objective will have you assisting the French in clearing out two small armies of British who are attacking their side of the map. Move your forces up, taking care to eliminate the cannon first and let the French forces take their guns attention if possible. Try to prevent any structures from being destroyed as the bottom half of the base will be transferred over to your control after the final group is eliminated.

Secondary Objective: Find and control the only Trade Route (300 XP)

Once the base is yours you should focus on upping its economy a bit while establishing some defenses, most importantly a Fort, on the southern crossing of the river. This location is where most of the British forces will attack from throughout the mission and the French can handle the limited attacks that come to their north side. Most of the time in this mission is spent during this buildup phase, following your typical mild spending on military just to hold off the enemy while you progress. You will need to make it to the Industrial age as to unlock the proper artillery that you will need once attacking such as Falconets and Mortars and the like. There is some easily visible treasure to be captured on your side of the map to help speed things along a little bit.

Although you can gut the base faster by attacking from your southern side, to earn the secondary objective you will want to attack from the French’s side first as the Trading Post you need to destroy and rebuild is on the opposite side of that crossing. Take a substantial force and just push directly across the crossing with artillery in tow. The French should assist you in combat, making things a bit easier on you or providing distraction. Simply destroy this northern half, rebuild the Post with your hero John Black and move south to cut into the main base itself.

Primary Objective: Find and destroy the British Fort command building.

"Age of Empires 3" - Act II Ice - Mission 4: The Seven Years War (4 of 4)
Wiping up the remainder of the enemy on the south side.

With your force from the north pushing south , you can build additional units to max out your population, or at least work towards it, and mass an army to cross on the south side. Other than a pair of guard towers there is little really in your way in stomping the British base and their strong attacks are deceptive of their weak defenses. Just wipe clean whatever red there is left on your screen, saving the command building towards the end so that you can max out the experience you gain in this mission. Once you’ve brought down the command building this mission is ended with a pretty straightforward victory.

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