Mission 8: “Last Stand of the Boneguard”

In the final level of the campaign in Age of Empires 3, Amelia sails to the shores of Havana where the Last Stand of the Boneguard takes place at their Ossuary. The generations old conflict between the Circle of Ossus and the Black family will finally come to a close with this battle.

Primary Objectives: Bring Amelia to Havana’s Town Center.

Take your ships and drop off your land units which begin boarded on the nearby beach as the Fixed Guns along the Ossuary can easily take your ships out if trying to land at Havana directly. Start moving your grouped forces north immediately, engaging some Circle wit Beaumont snickering at you for falling into his supposed trap, which is pretty weak and easily overcome. Once this group is down, send Amelia straight for Havana’s Town Center while Kanyenke and the forces make a quick detour west to rescue some trapped Settlers guarded by Outlaws.

Take the Settlers freed and send them with the rest of your forces to Havana, ignoring the other items for now in order to prepare for imminent attacks that will take place regardless of you completing this objective or not. Your Galleons should be put to use in fishing from pools near the beach you dropped your units off at but be prepared for an enemy warship that will try to take out your ships soon into the level.

Primary Objective: Survive until the US Navy arrives.

You will need to start ramping up economy at a decent pace while still establishing some decent defenses early on. Try to send for a Fort as soon as possible to place between your Town Center and the advancing Circle forces while putting walls up to the southeast side of your base to prevent straggling enemy units from messing with your Settlers or trying to draw your defenders away. The Havana army will be able to fend off the first couple Circle attacks but you will need to take over that bulk of the defense pretty soon. Make sure to get Musketeers out is small handfuls as soon as possible. Focus on just surviving until the timer runs out, saving the second group of trapped Settlers when you get a moment to do so.

Primary Objective: Destroy the Ossuary Shore Guns and Temple.

"Age of Empires 3" - Act III Steel - Mission 8: Last Stand of the Boneguard (5 of 9)
Bombarding the Circle base with the US Navy warships.

Once the timer runs out and the US Navy arrives with the first group of three ships, you begin to take things on the offensive a bit more. Start using the Monitor ships exclusively for their special ability which allows them to take out the Fixed Guns with two of their long range shots. The special ability is the only way to hit these guns while staying out of range for return fire. Every so many minutes after the first group of ships will bring you additional forces from the US Navy, including a pair of Monitors with each wave brought.

End the mission now.

Although this walkthrough continues for those looking to maximize the destruction of the Circle and experience gain from this mission, you can end this level right here and now with the special attack of the Monitor, used against the Ossuary. Collapsing the structure with the Monitors will result in a swift victory.

Secondary Objective: Ally with the Carib Native Americans. (2000 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act III Steel - Mission 8: Last Stand of the Boneguard (6 of 9)
Constructing a Trading Post at the Carib village.

If you feel like going for completeness before finishing the Circle off, start with sending Amelia on one of your ships once the Fixed Guns are down to the island north of the Circle base. Take out the Boneguard soldiers stationed here and build the Trading Post to receive 3 free canoes and complete this objective.

Secondary Objective: Advance to the Imperial Age. (4000 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act III Steel - Mission 8: Last Stand of the Boneguard (7 of 9)
Upgraded defenses and now a stone wall protect the bases.

This is pretty self explanatory and simple. Just focus on your defense and bring your naval ships close to shore near Havana and your town to bombard attacking enemy forces while you accumulate the necessary resources to advance to the fourth age. Choose the Factory wagon age bonus and send for the Factory card to produce Heavy Cannon for land attacks and free defenders. The crumbling of the Circle’s headquarters brings about the completion of the Age of Empires 3 campaign with a final cinematic.

Secondary Objective: Destroy the Circle’s Navy. (2000 XP)

To take out the Circle navy, you simply need to send your combined naval forces around to the south side of the Ossuary to take out any lurking vessels along with the Docks built towards the front of the base. By completing this objective you will have satisfied all your secondary objectives and can focus on completing this mission either through the quick Monitor special attack on the Ossuary or the more drawn out land assault option.

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