Caledon Forest Vistas

Caledon Forest is the first area new Sylvani players will find themselves exploring after completing their introductory story quest. Located north of the grove and covering quite a bit of land area, this region has a total of 8 vistas to collect towards its map completion.

  1. Ogham Wilds
  2. Queztal Bay
  3. Ruins of the Unseen
  4. Sandycove Beach
  5. Sleive’s Inlet
  6. Titan’s Staircase
  7. Trader’s Green
  8. Ventry Bay
  9. Video Guide

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1. Ogham Wilds Vista

You will find the Ogham Wilds vista a relatively easy, short walk due west from the Caer Astorea waypoint.

Weave your way through the various plant life in the direction of the marker, and you will eventually come to a part where the land thins out with a drop-off on either side. Just stay on the high ground and avoid the little crevasses in the side of the path that you can fall through, and you should be fine.

There are a couple of hostile creatures, like a Jungle Spider, that like to chill right next to the vista.

2. Queztal Bay Vista

From the Kraitbane Haven waypoint, go directly south into the small fort that the WP is located right next to. When you enter through the main gate, you’ll find some stairs to the right that you can walk up onto the upper level. Continue till you come across the first stone tower, which will have some wood platforms attached to its side, starting from the left.

You’ll be using the wood platforms that circle up the side of the tower to climb up. The platforms will eventually become more spaced out, and then you’ll be presented with some wooden beams to increase the challenge. The first beam can be skipped by using the ridge of the building, but you’ll have to land on the second one, then jump back up to hit the next platform at an angle. Making that final jump puts you at the top of the tower, where you can grab the vista.

3. Ruins of the Unseen Vista

The Ruins of the Unseen vista is definitely the most complicated one to reach out of the points in this area. Start out by traveling north from the Mabon Market waypoint, through the ruins and past the marker towards where you’ll find the hostile skritt spawning. In the northern corner of where their spawn begins, you’ll find a bunch of crates stacked on top of each other that you can use to reach a wood platform above. You’ll need to clear out some of the enemies here to progress further since they’ll slow your movement if you aggro them, which will prevent you from making your jumps.

From the upper platform, face south to find the beginning of a series of wood planks that run alongside the ruined structure/wall the vista is located on. After the first stretch, you’ll reach a section of the wall that you can cross over to get to the other side, where a lone plank sits on the same level. However, you will need to drop down on the opposite side, where you’ll find a second series that will take you up to the next level.

After doubling back near the top on this second stretch, you’ll end up on the top section of the wall. Carefully jump onto the left ledge and make your way past the column that blocks you from the vista, then there’s just one final leap of faith until the point is yours.

4. Sandycove Beach Vista

Back to the easy mode vistas, for Sandycove Beach, take the Gleamer’s Cove waypoint and just run north along the road until you reach the Bay Haven fort which the vista resides inside.

As you enter the fort, look to the right side for a small ramp that leads up to the wall and find the wooden beam that juts out from the side of the ledge, which you can easily jump up, and carefully walk to it’s end to collect the point.

5. Sleive’s Inlet Vista

From the Slieve’s Waypoint in the area of the inlet, Run south/southwest towards the vista marker on your map, but at an angle where you safely drop down the steep southern face of the hill the wp is on to the lower ground that divides the two hills, the other being the one with the vista.

Walk over to the north face of the vista hill and start jumping up its side, looking for any of the many ridges and bumps that cover this wall which form a somewhat undefined staircase of sorts. There is no specific path to take up the wall. Once at the top you will find some large roots breaking up the ground and dividing the top of the hill into two sections. There will be a gap in part of the roots to the southern end of the hill top, where you can cross over and find the vista on a lower part of the hill to your left.

6. Titan’s Staircase Vista

Located east of the Caledon Haven waypoint and Northwest from the Titan’s Staircase wp, you can reach this vista from either by traveling along the dirt road. Make sure to grab the Trader’s Green vista if you haven’t already, if traveling from Caledon Haven.

You will eventually be able to find the vista on a ledge, visible from the road near a circus tent looking structure that sits amongst some wooden palisades.

Walk up to the tent structure and circle it to the north side to find a way up a small bit of land that allows you to walk out onto the ledge the vista is located on.

7. Trader’s Green Vista

Right next to the Caledon Haven wp is the fort which holds this area’s view point. If you use this waypoint for Titan’s Staircase vista, then you can easily grab this on the way.

Run inside the fort and look for the stairs at the rear which take you up to the defensive wall. Face northwards to see some wood scaffolding that you can walk across towards a tower and viewing ledge, where the vista sits easily accessible.

8. Ventry Bay Vista

East of Mabon Market and the Mabon wp itself, you will find the vista sitting atop a plateau that itself is located on a small peninsula that juts out into Ventry Bay.

Run towards this plateau and circle to its north side where you will find a slanted rock that serves as the beginning of the path up the side of the plateau consisting of a series of wooden planks and beams. There are a lot of rather precise jumps to make here, since you don’t have a lot of ground to land on or jump off of, however the bright side is falling is unlikely to kill you.

Eventually you’ll reach a lower part of the plateau with some more ramps and a crate that lead you to the tip, from which you’ll be able to run and drop down to where the view point itself sits.

Video Guide to the Caledon Forest Vistas

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