The Gaiars

“The Gaiars” level in Hammerfight’s Warrior’s Path Solo Mode serves as a quick introduction to the relatively simple fighting mechanisms of the game. You will be given some basic instructions and be allowed to practice them before heading into the rest of the game.

Intro to Combat

As explained in-game, combat in Hammerfight revolves around moving your mouse in spiral motions in order to use the physics driven weapons as smashing tools, flinging them into the enemy. Each weapon has different styles, the of use which will be covered more in depth in a separate portion of the guide. For now, however, weapons will be covered as they are available.

🖱️ If you find yourself having difficulty in getting the weapon up to speed, or moving fast enough, you can lower your DPI settings in the options menu.

The Gaiars
Smacking our training buddy around with the Stone Mace.

The Mace

The Mace is a pretty easy weapon to use, simply swing it into contact with the enemy. Use the sides of the mace for maximum damage as that’s where most of the force will be applied. Practice this technique, swinging your mace into the target machine and grab the coins that fall from it. Your target won’t attack back at first so be patient and make sure to avoid hitting yourself or running into the target.

Attack Signals

Once you’ve caused some significant damage the fight will switch, with your target now attacking back. You can tell when enemy pilots are going to charge you by their speech bubbles, usually warning you pretty directly. Either doge these charges or take the time now practice striking a charging enemy. Always take note of the direction at speed at which their weapon is traveling in. You should always avoid coming into contact with weapons when possible, even when detached from an enemy as they can still cause you damage.

Hammerfight - The Gaiars
The opponent yells a battle cry as he charges to attack in “The Gaiars level of Hammerfight.

Some other useful tips are to smack enemies into other objects for additional damage, or into an open area like the sky, or right side of this level, if you need some space and a few seconds to regroup.

After you’ve beaten some sense into this guy a second time, “The Gaiars” will be over and you will have the option to follow one of two paths. The harder path which is Silent Rock takes you through Part 2A and Part 3A while Sayadi Fiefdom is easier and leads to Part 2B and Part3B.

Hammerfight - The Gaiars
Smacking a flurry of copper coins out of our buddy . Literal definition of between a rock and a hard place eh?

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