Trial of the Hunters

Choosing the Sayadi Fiefdom path after the first level in the chapter The Gaiars will take you first to the Trial of the Hunters level which is two separate missions in one part. Trial of the Hunters will have you furthering your training in a proving grounds arena.

Trial of the Hunters – Part 2B-1

The first level in this part has you fighting a single machine warrior who seems to always be armed with a Wooden Hammer. Still equipped with your mace, this fight is similar to the one in the intro, although your enemy has a sightly different weapon, and seems more aggressive.

In addition the space is a little more limited, considering the cliff walls on both sides, making maneuvering precarious. This also means more hard surfaces to throw your target into for extra damage.

After finishing this one guy off, the level is over, making this a real quickie. The chief or instructor will sit idle throughout but can be smacked around for some glory or coinage.

Items Unlocked: Stone Mace (Cheaply Forged, Heavy)

Hammerfight - Sayadi Fiefdom: Trial of the Hunters
Fighting the lone hammer-wielding warrior in the first part of Trial of the Hunters.
Hammerfight - Sayadi Fiefdom: Trial of the Hunters
Dodging a thrown ninja star.

🕷️ Bug (-): Godsmack

Be careful smacking the enemies around that haven’t yet engaged you. If you hit them down and to the sides, it is possible that they can become stuck on the other side of the cliff somehow, with their being some sort of gap off-screen that only they can end up being thrown through. This personally happened to me and forced me to restart the level. Although only once when I was really smacking around the idling guys.

Trial of the Hunters – Part 2B-2

The second mission of this part of the chapter is another trial fight against other machine warriors. This time around however you will face a series of up to 5 enemies with you only being required to take out 3. Even though you don’t need to take out all five, its best to work towards this goal anyway due to the extra glory and coins you will earn from doing so.

The enemies will all attack you one at a time, except for the instructor or chief who stays idle to the mid right through the entire fight, although again he can be smacked around about for some coins. Enemies not yet engaged with you will hover down at the bottom of the screen and can be hit before fighting with you, although it doesn’t seem to cause damage before they start to fight you. The first couple always seem to be armed with Wooden Hammers but the last 2 or 3 will often have random lower end weaponry. When one of their weapons flies off, make sure to grab it to double up and become more powerful with two weapons.

Hammerfight - Sayadi Fiefdom: Trial of the Hunters
Smacking around another warrior.
Hammerfight - Sayadi Fiefdom: Trial of the Hunters
Completing the mission sets up the next level.

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