Silent Rock: The Sunset Path

The second level of the Silent Rock path in chapter 1 of Hammerfight is split into two levels with you and an ally tasked in guarding the worm transport of Chief Sayadi as he traverses the sky to reach an important council meeting concerning the fate of the kingdom.
Hammerfight - Silent Rock: The Sunset Path
Chief Sayadi arrives for the escort in The Sunset Path

🕷️🕷️🕷️ Bug (-): Drunk Sayadi

There seems to be a frequent issue that I and many others have experienced with this level where Chief Sayadi’s vessel continues to crash during this opening scene, often before even visible. Unfortunately since this has been complained about on the Steam forums since Feburary, it might not be fixed. You’re best bet is to just keep restarting the level in the hopes you can get it to work right. You can also try to hit D to self destruct if that works, restarting the level that way until you can buy your way past.

The Sunset Path – Part 3A-1

In the first level of part 3 you will first have to watch through a quick cinematic while you and your ally await Chief Sayadi’s vessel. Unfortunately this can be a problem.

You will begin armed with the Kathib sword.

You will have to protect the transport for a little over a minute from a constant stream of small bees that stream from the top right and top left portions of the screen.

The best way to keep them from paying attention to the worm transport is to hover about just above it while keeping a trail of bees behind you that you can slash at from time to time to keep in check. Occasionally your ally might not join the fight if bees don’t get close enough to him, so lead them near his machine to get him active and helping you.

After about a minute passes with both you and Sayadi’s worm ship still alive the level will be complete.

Unlocked Items: Kathib (Sharp, Balanced)

Hammerfight - Silent Rock: The Sunset Path
Fighting off the small bees as they chase the ally machine.
Hammerfight - Silent Rock: The Sunset Path
Guarding Chief Sayadi’s transport from small bees.

The Sunset Path – Part 3A-2

The second level continues the same timed escort objective as the previous level, having to protect both yourself and Chief Sayadi’s worm vessel from a bee onslaught. This time around you will be facing large bees in addition to the small variety along with a few of the rare golden variety that can explode if hit in the abdomen. Again it is best to hover about the area above the transport to keep the bees on your machine instead of Sayadi.

Make sure to make some passes at bees chasing your ally since you can easily down several at once with their backs turned to you. If the golden explosive ones are following him it may be best to leave them alone and away from you or the transport. If you do want to take one out, especially if it goes for the transport, try to hit it’s face lightly as to avoid slicing too deep and keep the abdomen from detonating. After about a minute with you and the transport alive you a victorious.

Note: If Sayadi’s worm is taken out and the rock it supported with the Chief himself on it begins to fall, don’t immediately restart the level. The platform takes a few seconds to fall and be destroyed thus if there is only a couple seconds left, it is possible to win the missions before Sayadi actually dies.

Hammerfight - Silent Rock: The Sunset Path
Fighting the Large bees in the second half of Sunset Path.
Hammerfight - Silent Rock: The Sunset Path
Avoid puncturing the rear glowing sections of the gold explosive bees.

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