Ave, Shechem!

The final level in chapter one brings about some dire events. Outnumbered you and the remaining warriors in your kingdom will have to make a final stand of defense against a massive attacking force. You will have the support of several allies and infantry in your defense of the cliffs.
Hammerfight - Ave, Shechem!
Engaging the attacking machines in the Ave, Shechem level.

Defend Your Home!

The initial enemies will be a series of unarmored machines armed with maces that come in waves. Soon after you will start to see the occasional higher ranked enemy machine with wooden shields and hammer type weapons. Try to knock one of these weapons off and grab it for yourself as soon as possible to up the ante, not to mention potentially unlocking a new weapon if you grab one you don’t already own.

💰 If you want to have an easier time grabbing coins and even causing more damage with your hits, make sure you are smashing the enemy into the cliff to the right or the structures built onto it.

Hammerfight - Ave, Shechem!
Blasting apart one of the enemy machines.

The final type of enemy you will encounter are some additional worm transports that come in at the top of the level, providing a ripe target for you to make some profit on using the pull method, by getting your mace on top of the creature with you below and tugging downwards. Watch out for the dynamite sticks thrown by the people on these platforms as they have a large explosion radius and will daze you if too close.

The level seems to go on for either a set amount of time or until you are able to fill the gauge at the top of your screen which is done as you fight in combat and destroy enemies but will slowly drain over time. If you quickly smash up a bunch of enemies you can make this level a quick one.

Hammerfight - Ave, Shechem!
Taking down an enemy worm vessel.

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