Steiner Mission 1
Scouting Patrol

MechCommander 2 - Steiner Campaign - Mission 1 - Scouting Patrol
Fighting the Urbanmechs

This mission is the first level of MechCommander 2, sending you directly into the action. This is also the only level without a logistics phase. You will start off with 2 Bushwackers and a single Razorback mech to complete this mission.

Note: These guides were written as though the difficulty is set to Veteran or 3/4. This is because Regular is too easy to require any interesting tactics while Elite is basically a lesson in mission aborting and repeating, as your mechs get frequently one shotted by 15 ton vehicles they themselves can’t seem to leave a scratch on.

Starting RP: 22,000

Primary Objectives:

  • Capture Resource Building
    4500 C-Bills
  • Destroy all units occupying Base Gemini
    11000 C-Bills
  • Capture Steiner Sensor Control
    5000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all bandits in Base Gemini South
    11000 C-Bills
  • Capture Steiner HQ
    8000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all units occupying Base Gemini North
    11000 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
Draw the two Urbanmechs at the northernmost Island through the woods to flank them on the opposite side, away from the Harassers that also patrol the area, allowing you to manage how many targets you are fighting at once. This is also a good point to learn kiting techniques.

You have enough RPs for two repair trucks and a mech salvage, which you should make sure to use before finishing the mission. Even if you don’t plan on keeping the mech you salvage, you can sell it for C-Bills essentially giving yourself a cash bonus for the mission.

When approaching the final island with the Starslayer, cross the water with some “bait” and quickly move back to split the attacking forces in two. The group of LRM Carriers that are part of this force will stay on the opposite side of the water, but you should still avoid getting to close to them, as their range reaches onto the edges of the north Island.

Mission 1 – Scouting Patrol
Video Walkthrough

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