Steiner Mission 2
Reacquisition: Base Gemini

MechCommander 2 - Steiner Campaign - Mission 2 - Reaquisition: Base Gemini
Taking the central base with sensor tower – Engaged with the Urbanmech

This mission is the first to have a logistics phase, allowing you to purchase and modify your arsenal of mechs and weaponry. Take some time to learn the ins and outs of what you can do here, as what you bring to the table is 50% or more of how well you may fare in a mission. For this level you can opt out of sensor mechs if you so choose, since there will be a large sensor grid to capture early on which will give you radar coverage over most of the map.

Starting RPs: 6,000
Weight Limit (Tonnage): 170

Primary Objectives:

  • Capture Resource Building
    4500 C-Bills
  • Destroy all units occupying Base Gemini
    11000 C-Bills
  • Capture Steiner Sensor Control
    5000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all bandits in Base Gemini South
    11000 C-Bills
  • Capture Steiner HQ
    8000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all units occupying Base Gemeni North
    11000 C-Bills
MechCommander 2 - Steiner Campaign - Mission 2 - Reaquisition: Base Gemini
Blowing a hole in the upper base with the volatile gas towers.

For this mission I used the same mechs as the previous, however adding another Razorback to have a pair of them along with the pair of Bushwackers. Although sensor mechs are not needed and the Starslayer can be deployed if captured previously, this leaves extra space unused. The fast mechs are great for kiting enemy units and their jump jets will prove valuable.

Tips to Remember:
Leave the Turret Control Towers and their Power Generators intact, so that you can capture them to use against the enemies you will face here. Also, when fighting enemies near the turrets, make sure to watch and make sure they do not shoot the control tower as it can be destroyed quickly and is the one case where the AI will often switch targets away from your mechs.

Even though Razorbacks are not needed in this mission for their sensors, they can still be utilized for their Jump Jets when it comes time to assault the northern base. Without having these units to flank via jumping the chain of islands to the right of this base, you will be forced to destroy the SRM Turrets from long range, as charging the base to take them intact could be potentially devastating considering the defenders and position of the control tower.

Mission 2 – Reacquisition: Base Gemini
Video Walkthrough

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