Valtheim Towers
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Valtheim Towers - Location
The Valtheim Towers

This walkthrough guide covers the Valtheim Towers primary location, within the Winterhold territory, in the video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This guide serves to provide all pertinent information about this location such as important items, characters, how to find it and other details.

How to Find the Valtheim Towers Location

From Whiterun, you can easily locate the Valtheim Towers by travelling due east from the city until you come across the large river that can be seen from the world map, that cuts through the nearby land. Once at the White River, follow it east, taking the south side if you prefer to stay on dry land, until you run across the large, easily visible towers. You will be approached by the toll seeking Bandit immediately upon your arrival.

What You Can Find at the Valtheim Towers

Valtheim Towers - Bandit Toll
Bandit toll.

The Valtheim Towers are a pair of towers on either side of White River with a bridge connecting the two, just before the waterfall. A number of Bandits have occupied these towers and will try to elicit “tolls” from passing travelers who don’t want to be attacked. Besides being a location for a number of side and miscellaneous quests, there is a fair bit of loot here worth taking out the Bandits for.

Related Quests and Important Items:

  • Treasure Chest II – The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt
  • Bounty Target

Important Loot

  • Archery Skill Book: The Black Arrow Part II
  • Enchanted Bow (Random)
  • Chest x2
  • Grand Chest

Looting the Valtheim Towers

As mentioned before, your first encounter here will be with one of the Bandits that waits by the south road, demanding a toll from you before you proceed. You can pay the 200 gold to avoid aggression, but this guide will assume you are here to take the location for all its worth, thus its best to respond to their request with an arrow to the knee. First we will start with clearing out the South Tower.

South Tower

Ground Floor

Upon entering the southern tower from the road that runs south of White River, look to your right to find a trapped chest, hooked up to a spiked mace above. Disarm the trap first to avoid being smacked in the head with 100 some pounds of spiked death, then claim the goodies from inside. There are some potions on a cabinet to the north side of the room. Take the steps up, out the next door and around the outside of the tower to reach the bridge that connects the two towers. You may want to take a moment to clear out the Bandits on the bridge and upper floors of the south tower.

Upper Floors

Entering the room that connects to the bridge will present you with some various food items and another potion in the corner. Take the steps up to the final floor where you will find a bandit sitting atop an overlook (if he hasn’t already rand down to attack you) and make sure to down him so he can’t fire upon you when crossing the bridge.

Once cleared you can grab another potion sitting in the corner of the top floor before heading back down to cross the bridge and proceed to the North Valtheim Tower.

North Tower

Once you reach the north tower, you will have to open a Wooden Door to enter into the first room. Not much here except for some food barrels, so just head up the steps, out the next door and into the upper rooms. You will find the one Iron Ore Vein among the rocks that form the mountain side the tower is built into as you traverse back out into the open on the way up. The next are you enter will have another Bandit among some various Alchemy ingredients in the room along with an Alchemy Table. Most important is the chest you will find underneath the next set of stairs heading up.

Up the next set of stairs you reach the final floor of the North Valtheim Tower. It is here you will encounter the Bandit Chief, which is a possible target for the random Bounty miscellaneous quests. In addition, there is a Grand Chest located near the last set of stairs which in turn lead to the Chief’s overlook. The overlook will have a table, where you will be able to find your random, enchanted bow. Finally there is a room with a bed and some various tables with potions and Wine along with the Archery Skill Book: The Black Arrow Part II.

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