Treasure Map III
Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt Guide

Treasure Chest III - Solitude Lighthouse
Solitude Lighthouse as seen from the air, coming from the direction of Solitude itself.

This walkthrough guide for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim serves to assist players in finding Treasure Map 3 and the associated Treasure Chest as part of the series of unmarked objectives known collectively as The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt. The maps that make up the treasure hunt can be found in various locations around Skyrim. Each of these chests are filled with an assortment of leveled valuables, the worth of which is determined by your current character level.

Treasure Map III Location: Riverside Shack
Treasure Chest Location: Solitude Lighthouse

Note: Remember you can only find the treasure chest once you have retrieved the proper map to begin with. You cannot skip ahead and try to head to the chest without first finding the map, as it will not be there.

How To Find Treasure Map III
Riverside Shack

Meow Gallery: The layout none is not available in this version.

To find Treasure Map III you will find it easiest to fast travel or take one of the various stable carts in Skryim to the Eastmarch Hold capital city of Windhelm. From there, look on your world map to find the river that travels south from Windhelm and follow it until you locate the Riverside Shack primary location as seen on the map below. It will be right against the river as seen from the picture to the right.

One at the shack, you will have to fight a single Bear if you have not cleared out this location already within the past 30 in-game days, so make sure you are prepared if your character is still low level. Upon entering the shack, the left corner of the house will hold a chest that you can loot next to a fireplace. Just pop this baby open to retrieve Treasure Map III, which when viewed, will show the treasure’s location by a drawn image of Solitude Lighthouse.

How To Find Treasure Chest III
Solitude Lighthouse

Meow Gallery: The layout none is not available in this version.

To reach the treasure chest associated with Treasure Map II of The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt, you should travel to Katla’s Farm, which are the official stables of the capital city of Solitude. If you already have unlocked Solitude as a fast travel location, you can do that, then just head right outside of the city to find the farm. The second way to get to this location quickly, is to use one of the travelling wagons from another stable you have uncovered (there is one right outside of Whiterun) and pay a small amount of gold to be taken directly here (choose Solitude as your destination).

From Katla’s Farm, take the right path as seen in the first image to the right, which takes you underneath solitude and around to the northeast of the capital city. You will pass some other locations along your way, such as the Dainty Sload, but sticking to the road will bring you eventually to the lighthouse which you can see in the second picture to the right (use the thumbnails and click to enlarge).

Once at the lighthouse itself, head around to the northeast side of the plot of land it sits on, and turn to view the building whilst standing in the water to find the treasure chest nestled in some rocks by the coast that surrounds it. Check the additional pictures to the right for more detailed views of its exact location along with a view of the local map. Enjoy your loot.

Treasure Map III – Video Guide

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