Treasure Map IV
Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt Guide

Treasure Map IV - Pelagia Farm
Pelagia Farm, where Treasure Map IV leads to…

This walkthrough guide for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim serves to assist players in finding Treasure Map 4 and the associated Treasure Chest as part of the series of unmarked objectives known collectively as The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt. The maps that make up the treasure hunt can be found in various locations around Skyrim. Each of these chests is filled with an assortment of leveled valuables, the worth of which is determined by your current character level.

Treasure Map IV location: Redoran’s Retreat
Treasure Chest Location: Mountain south of Pelagia Farm

Note: Remember you can only find the treasure chest once you have retrieved the proper map to begin with. You cannot skip ahead and try to head to the chest without first finding the map, as it will not be there.

How To Find Treasure Map IV
Redoran’s Retreat

In order to find Treasure Map IV you will have to locate the Bandit dungeon known as Redoran’s Retreat. This hidden den is a primary location found just west of Whiterun in the large plains that make up the territory of the hold. Take a northwest path from the stables, past the giant camp Bleakwind Basin and look for the dungeon entrance seen in the picture to the right.

Once inside the den, fight your way to the end of the cave until you reach the Bandit Chief who runs the joint and guards the Grand Chest. Inside this chest, you will find Treasure Map IV along with some other valuable goodies. Clear out the bandits, then disarm the trap on the side of the chest to collect the map and spawn the treasure chest you will be found next.

How To Find Treasure Chest IV
Pelagia Farm

In order to reach Treasure Chest IV, travel to Pelagia Farm just south and outside the walls of Whiterun, easily visible from the stables. From there you can look at the picture to the right, which shows the easiest path to reach the mountainside behind the farm where the chest will be found. Although it may look like there is a shorter path to take to the right, this is not true as that approach is too steep and blocked by obstacles.

You need to take the path up to the snowy areas and locate the chest hidden underneath a tan colored bush. From this location you can also get quite the view of the surrounding hold area, being able to see the entirety of Whiterun and Dragonsreach.

Treasure Map IV – Video Guide

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