This guide covers the locations of all of the collectible Servo Skulls which are located in chapter 15 “Prince of Daemons,” in the video game Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.

There are a total of three skulls to find in this chapter, the first in Chapter Start and the second two in the Traitor’s Arena portion.

Servo Skulls In Chapter 15 “Prince of Daemons”

  1. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan [8/10]
  2. Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel [5/5]
  3. Audio Log: Under Attack [2/3]

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1. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan [8/10]

The first skull in chapter 15 is easy to find and right in your path. As soon as the chapter starts, you’ll be taking a ride on a service elevator down some ways. As soon as you get off and head onwards look to your right next to some boxes.

“The stench of aliens permeates this facility — but it is tolerable, because it represents progress. I acquired specimens for experimentation: Ork, Tau, Eldar. Even a Tyranid Lictor, which nearly caused a revolt among my techpriest allies. I designed the weapon to use the Warp energies to target the weak points in the Xenos brain, and rupture them. That is the tidy theory. When I put it into practice, however, the specimen’s head explodes. Distasteful, but effective. The weapon works.”

2. Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel [5/5]

About midway through the chapter in the Traitor’s Arena portion, you’ll face off against a Chaos champion, after cutting your way through numerous Chaos forces beforehand. Right after this champion, you’ll head through a ruined building the champion spawned inside of, then into a ruined bunker inside this building on its lower level.

Here you’ll fight a pair of corrupt Guardsmen that guard the entrance and another pair behind some sandbags, around the corner from the entrance. Once you’ve downed them, facing the sandbags, turn around and look behind you to find a small destroyed pipe against the wall to your left. The skull is sitting inside this ruined pipe, just big enough for you to walk inside.

“Benjamin, we have to leave Epsilon Center. The Orks are coming. I’m so sorry, Ben — I can’t leave you the next breadcrumb, because I don’t have a plan anymore. We’ve lost your mother, and I’m afraid we’ve lost you, too. I have to keep Hannah safe. That mean’s we can’t stay in one place long. But I promise you, Benjamin, I will find you. I will never stop looking.”

3. Audio Log: Under Attack [2/3]

A fair bit further into the chapter, but still in the Traitor’s Arena section, you’ll encounter a large group of Chaos outdoors, most of which are Guardsmen firing at you from a lower position. What makes this part significant is that one of them is armed with a stationary Heavy Bolter, which you can rip off the stand and take for yourself once you’ve dropped the enemies defending the position. Right after you get the Heavy Bolter, you’ll head inside through a long corridor where you are assaulted by Daemons of Khorne. Drop them with the Heavy Bolter, avoid making the first turn and you’ll find the skull at the end of the corridor.

Daemonic Voice: “The Warp device! Where is it?”
Inquisitor Drogan: “Safe from you, daemon!”
Daemonic Voice:”You will tell me. After you are dead!” <monstrous scream>
Inquisitor Drogan: <agonized scream>

“Prince of Daemons” Servo Skulls Video Guide

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