Major Site Changes

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The Darwinia guide is about to undergo some radical redevelopment as we push out some new changes that will soon find themselves on the rest of the site. The most significant change of this is a new theme, Suffusion, which will take the place of the current theme Twenty Eleven for most or all of the guides currently live.

These changes will be later pushed out the the other guide sites. You will find notifications posted while this process is going on to notify of potential wonkiness while implementation is finalized.

The Central hub (where you are reading this now) will continue to serve content using the Arras theme, however you will find some new changes to the sidebar to the right. First off, we have added a link to our partner and friends over at Invision Game Community. Next, the redundant latest posts widget has been replaced with a post archive of updates from the site, while finally a YouTube widget has been added up top for our channel where the videos are hosted and published.

Last Updated on October 23, 2011 by Standard of Entertainment

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