So after my last post I spent a lot of time mulling over whether it was worth it to keep trying to bash my head against what is clearly a brick wall of progress. While I still have strong feelings about why my idea shouldn’t have cost me infinitely more money for no discernible reason, I would rather make this site work, actually make real progress in developing it, and worry about re-introducing sub domains, sub-sites or something similar later on.

I know there are some tools that help with domain mapping, but my second primary experience with WordPress, besides the insane costs of plugins requiring a license for each Multisite sub domain or sub-site, is that the more they affect the site as a whole, the more likely they are to break something else, or the entire set at some point. Anything I use at this point, I’m trying to make sure will either have localized effects to site performance should it go without updates for too long or is established enough that the chances of them becoming abandoned is highly unlikely.

I can also actually afford to pay and use premium plugins now, which is definitely one of the best parts. No more stressing about whether or not I can actually afford the features or if I am about to be scammed out of $50-$100 because it’s only possible to learn after the fact, how restrictive the licenses are, with all the compounding problems it brings when also trying to make sure I get a set of compatible and affordable plugins.

Either way, I have the redirects working now, so most of the old links to the sub-domains should point to the proper pages now. I have a tool for monitoring that as well, so if stuff is still broken, I’ll be able to re-point said old links quickly after logging the report, so if you are getting 404’s on the site still, no worries, I’m already on top of it. Some of the pages are missing images or have old broken short-codes from plugins I disposed of in the merge and prior, those will be getting fixed in the next week as I also do a pass at beautifying everything. Current task after I’m done writing this is to get the sidebars and footers set up proper so navigation isn’t trash.

Saints Row & Homeworld

These two guides are still hosted on sub-domains because they are actually hosted on the Blogger platform and connected to the main site through urls only. No shared database there or anything. I am considering what I want to do with those guides for now. Trying to weigh the debate of making them look better here versus the reliability of being hosted entirely on Google’s servers and such. I kinda like the fact they will pretty much never break as long as they are on Blogger, whereas anything on the main site and WordPress requires a lot more maintenance in the long run.

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