Porting of the Darwinia pages has started and more crafty work to be done with the site layout. Looking into alternative themes as this one may be too limited.

All the pages for DC Universe online that were on Knol have been ported, although there are still more to move over from AC.

Homeworld 2 and Supreme Commander will be coming later.

Update – 3:21 pm :: All of the Darwinia level guides have been rebuilt and are now being served. Videos for the level guides are still to come, after the virus, unit and building pages have been ported.

DC Universe Online page porting and fixing is on the backburner for now since Sony’s network is still down and it’s not like anyone will be needing them as long as that is the case… -.-

Update – 8:09 pm :: Now the unit and building guides have been ported and set up with the new system as well. Virus and weapons articles are still remaining. The Armor (Battle Cannon) page cannot be ported due to publishing rights and will have to be re-written soon.