Mission 4: “The Ottoman Fort”

With the Knights of St. John back on track, they have managed to catch up with the Ottomans in the new world, tracked to the jungles of Central America. In the Ottoman Fort, Morgan and his mean will have to establish a base and build up enough forces with the help of allied natives to overcome the Ottoman threat.

Primary Objective: Build a Town Center, Ally with 2 Natives and Send a Shipment

"Age of Empires 3" - Act I Ice - Mission 4: The Ottoman Fort (1 of 5)
Allying the northern native settlement.

Quickly establish your Town Center near the path of gold and native american trading post location which Morgan should be already building. As soon as your base is established, get your Settlers to work while sending some additional Settlers from Malta, which can now send shipments to your base in this level.

Although there is little water in this level, it is worth building a Dock in order to construct fishing ships to collect resources from the fishing pools and the Whales. Whales, most importantly, are an endless supply of gold and should have their max of 4 simultaneous harvesters filled as soon as possible. In the mean time you should be trying to rush your way to the next age so you can start building an army.

Primary Objective: Destroy the Ottoman Fishing Dock

There are two enemy warships, one of which usually attacks your vessel near the beginning of the mission. Take the ship you arrived on and cautiously approach the south, engaging the second hostile ship that defends the dock with your special broadside attack to quickly diminish it’s health. Follow up by destroying the fishing boat and then the Docks to quickly impact the Ottomans resourcing right off the bat inn this level.

Ally with 2 Natives (cont)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act I Ice - Mission 4: The Ottoman Fort (2 of 5)
Building up an army of natives in The Ottoman Fort.

By now you should be approaching your second age and expanding upon your base, increasing your resourcing ability. Move to the northern native location to build a Trading Post and complete the objective while beginning to build up an army of natives and your own soldiers.

Take some time to mass your forces upon hitting the second age and work towards an Artillery Foundry to build Mortars for later and if you need additional resources you can expand northwest much safer than going south. You will need to defend from infrequent raids of enemy units from the south that are mainly only difficult to manage with your forces still in small numbers early on.

Send the Native American Lore upgrade from Malta before purchasing any of the native upgrades to save yourself some resources.

Ally with the Aztecs

"Age of Empires 3" - Act I Ice - Mission 4: The Ottoman Fort (3 of 5)
Taking over the Aztec settlement and destroying the Ottoman defenders.

Once you’ve got a decent force amassed you can move them south to encounter the third and final native post which is currently held by the Ottomans. The Aztec post should be destroyed along with its heavy defenders before building your own in its place. The Aztec Chocolates Recipe upgrade is a major boost to your resources, giving you gold at your Town Center every so often. Research this as soon as possible.

Destroy the Ottoman Command Post and Town Center

Spend some more resources on really filling out your army while taking that Artillery Foundry you should now have and building some Mortar for the final assault. Make sure all the Native American warriors you can purchase are maxed out and upgraded as they are pretty powerful warriors. The Ottoman base sits in an alcove on the west of the map, northwest of the Aztec Trading Post. When you feel ready to attack with a large force, move your units against the gates with your Mortar focusing on the large towers that defend the entrance. As long as you can drop these quickly you will have little issue with steamrolling the rest of the base.

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