Mission 6: “A Pirate’s Help”

After setting course for Florida to find the Fountain of Youth, the Knights of St. John are confronted by another setback, this time in the form of a Hurricane that has severely damaged their fleet. In order to get back on track Morgan will have to impress Elizabeth Ramsey to hitch a ride on her pirate ship to make it to Florida in time.

Primary Objective: Gain 8,000 experience before Lizzie set sails to Florida

The main goal of this mission will be to gather experience through combat and completing the various secondary objectives you will be presented with right at the start of this mission within a 20 minute time limit. Considering the amount of combat on hard, the experience you gain through methods outside of these secondary objectives may change slightly on easier difficulties.

Secondary Objective: Protect Havana from raiding Native Americans (300 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act I Ice - Mission 6: A Pirate’s Help (1 of 7)
Fighting off the first wave of attackers after gaining control of Havana.

This first task to accomplish starts right away with some hostiles to the west attacking settlers. Stop these enemies quickly as defeating them transfers control of the majority of structures and units in Havana to your command, thus making it in your best interests to save as many settlers as possible. Once the town is yours, get to the usually economy and base building while working on building up your forces to a large size, as there will be some heavy fighting ahead.

Give yourself about 8 good minutes of base and force building so your making real headway around 11 minutes left. In the mean time, defend Havana from the infrequent native attacks, one of which comes soon after you gain control of it. During this downtime you can explore the west for some treasure but do not approach the Trading Post until you have this substantial army.

Secondary Objective: Build the first Stable in Havana (500 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act I Ice - Mission 6: A Pirate’s Help (2 of 7)
Capturing some nearby treasure while building up the economy.

This is a good objective you can complete during the base building process since a stable and some trained cavalry will be excellent against the majority of ranged units you face in A Pirate’s Help.

Secondary Objective: Reopen trade with Cuba by building a second Trading Post (800 XP)

This objective will be given early on, but as mentioned above you will need a large force to accomplish this with (see pictures to the right for a view of the forces defending here) as there is some 30-40 ranged natives in the area. Move to wipe out the enemies within the vicinity of the Trading Post location before building one of yours on it. Accomplishing this not only grants the 800 experience for the objective but additional batches of experience as trade carts come through.

Secondary Objective: Return the Lost Herd to Havana’s Livestock Pen (750 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act I Ice - Mission 6: A Pirate’s Help (5 of 7)
The lost herd of cattle.

To the southeast corner of the mainland you will find a herd of cattle that you can capture by walking your units up to them. Since you should have the majority of the mainland cleared of the enemy by now, their trip back to the Livestock Pen should be easily taken unaccompanied as long as you’re not sending them into uncovered areas.

Secondary Objective: Take Lizzie’s friend to the nearby island. (1,000 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act I Ice - Mission 6: A Pirate’s Help (6 of 7)
The native boy’s canoe.

Once you’ve accomplished the majority of objectives on the mainland or after a certain time, Lizzie will ask you to escort her Native American friend back to his family on the nearby island. First you will need to capture his canoe which is sitting defended by some hostiles at the beach just north of the lost herd.

Kill the enemy units and approach the canoe to capture it, then bring Lizzie’s friend who has been transferred to your control along with a group of combat units and Morgan to the location pointed out on your map on the island. There will be some more natives to fight here but less than the defenders at the canoe, which are easily vanquished. Once these are done with you can move the native boy near the neutral native units to complete this objective.

Secondary Objective: Retrieve Stolen Artifact (1,500 XP) and Gold (900 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act I Ice - Mission 6: A Pirate’s Help (7 of 7)
Returning Lizzie’s Native American friend to his family.

These secondary objectives will get offered to you around the time you drop off the native boy but should be completely necessary to accomplish. The artifact is probably better worth your time, being on the same island you dropped the native off at, just having to head south and face another small group of enemies. The Gold is also guarded by some enemies, west of the Trading Post and will require Settlers to gather and complete. These may be worth completing to level up your city if you have the free time.

Return to Lizzie

You should most assuredly have over 8,000 experience by now, allowing you to take Morgan back to the main town of Havana and walk up to Lizzie which will satisfy the final objective of the mission and resulting in victory. Be careful with screwing around at the end as the timer runs until completion, so don’t get distracted on your way back or you can still fail.

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