Mission 6: “Respect”

Mission six in Act Two takes us to the great plains where John and Kanyenke are chasing Warwick down for killing Stuart. In this land our heroes will have to impress the natives in order to win their favor and push the Circle of Ossus out. This mission plays out a lot like where you had to impress Lizzie the Pirate in Act I and from here on out in this act, economy improvement and base building becomes much less important.

Primary Objective: Earn 10,000 XP before the Circle kills all 5 Chiefs.

"Age of Empires 3" - Act II Ice - Mission 6: Respect (1 of 10)
Here is the spot you should build a Town Center at.

Like mentioned this level is a return to the “complete a bunch of secondary objectives and earn X amount of experience” type of mission that you previously performed in Havana in Act One. Instead of a set time limit this time around however, you have until all five of the marked Chiefs are killed. This allows you to set your own pace, moving to defend some of the Chiefs if you feel you still need more time.

Note: There is tons of treasure to gain in this level so grab what you can on your way to objectives. Unless used as a marker these really won’t be pointed out much considering they are readily visible on the way to the objectives mentioned.

As soon as the mission starts, take your Covered Wagon and set it up just northeast of the native Lakota camp you start out at, next to the small body of water and treasure (check picture). Your military units should stick around to fight off the first Circle attackers that come for the Lakota Chief before moving out to start accomplishing objectives.

Secondary Objective: Build a Trading Post at the Lakota village. (400 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act II Ice - Mission 6: Respect (2 of 10)
Building the Trading Post at the Lakota village in the mission Respect of AoE 3.

This is pretty easy and can be done right off the bat. After fending off the attackers have John start constructing a Trading Post immediately to quickly knock out this objective and give you a way to train some units right away, which you should do to fill out your Axe Riders. Take your settlers and split them up so a few are mining from the silver mine, harvesting wood and hunting buffalo.

Ignore mills and plantations since your Settlers aren’t in significant danger being out in the open in this level, upgrading their resourcing with a Market and building at most 4-5 additional Settlers for hunting food but stopping there when it comes to economy. Try to get a Barracks up quick to train Musketmen. You should eventually call in the Fort when you get the chance to hit the next age, which you can build next to the Lakota village to give yourself a lot of leeway in this level and a pretty good guarantee that at least the Lakota Chief will survive a long time without your direct intervention with your units.

Secondary Objectives: Find the Lakota Chief’s daughter (600 XP) and Herd 5 wild horses. (550 XP)

Take one horseman and move him to the northwest where you will find a U shaped body of water. In the inside of this U, you will find the Chief’s daughter along with two of the five wild horses you need. Send both to the flag circle in the Lakota village. Next move the rest of your military directly up towards the native village north of the Lakota. You will find the final 3 horses you need plus some treasure. Capture the treasure and send the 3 horses to the same flag circle and you’ve just knocked out 2 secondary objectives, 3 so far total.

A quick diversion to keep things manageable.

"Age of Empires 3" - Act II Ice - Mission 6: Respect (5 of 10)
Taking out the Circle’s Fort while its still being built.

If you want to save the first Chief from attack, which is suggested since it is still early on in the level, move your forces soon to the top right native village, which is always the first to be hit and usually with just enough forces to kill its Chief. Some of the attacks launched throughout the mission can fail to kill the Chief even without your help but this one seems to succeed more often than not unless you intervene.

Once that initial threat is cleared, try to be training Musketeers for the next task which is to take out the Circle’s Fort before its fully built. Now the Circle likes to build their Fort directly against the top central native base, just above the Lakota but they tend to move it to the left if you are sitting at that base waiting for their Fort wagon so give yourself a short delay before walking your units close enough to get a visual and see if its up yet. Usually the natives there will give you visual of it by starting to attack it themselves and the second its there you should work with them to destroy it. Getting rid of this fort can give you 100-400+ XP depending on how far along its construction was when you destroyed it and keeps you from dealing with this massive headache later on.

Secondary Objective: Destroy Warwick’s Outpost on Barren Hill. (500 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act II Ice - Mission 6: Respect (6 of 10)
Destroying Warwick’s Outpost on Barren Hill.

After taking out the Fort, add some units to your force and try to start advancing towards the Fortress age to unlock additional card shipments for reinforcements along with additional units for you to upgrade and build. While that is going on move to the hill between the top center and top right native villages you’ve been active around fighting the Circle so far to find Warwick’s Outpost defended by some Crossbowmen. Take out the defending units before focusing on the Outpost to complete another objective and add to your experience pool.

Secondary Objective: Destroy Warwick’s Trading Post on the Trade Route. (550 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act II Ice - Mission 6: Respect (7 of 10)
Taking out the Trading Post on the Trade Route.

Next you can head back around through your base and the Lakota village to move towards the enemy Trading Post which if you cant already see, is just east of the left most native village. It helps to have artillery at this point as there is a Falconet of then Circle’s defending this building, however a mass of Musketeers will work as well, albeit with significant losses. Bring John so that when the post is down you can build your own and start to accrue more experience through the trade cart’s arrival.

Secondary Objective: Claim the lost gold on Owl Island (650 XP)

"Age of Empires 3" - Act II Ice - Mission 6: Respect (8 of 10)
Capturing the gold on Owl Island.

From the Trading Post, move to the left most native village and take your forces a short trip north of that. There you will find a canoe you can capture along with a small island with some treasure guardians surrounded by a small lake of water. Load your units onto the Canoe and drop them off, making sure John or Kanyenke is still with you and attack the guardians, making sure to keep the Canoe out of harms way so you can make it back to shore. You do not need to bring Settlers as there is a pair you can release here to collect the gold chests, granting you an influx of resources.

Secondary Objective: Bring the White Buffalo to the Lakota village. (550 XP)

Your final objective is just east of the island, easily visible from the shore where you can have the Canoe drop your units off at. Capture the White Buffalo, making sure to defend it as the Circle will shoot it once under your control, and have some units escort it out of the hostile area and walk it back to the flag circle in the Lakota village to earn your last batch of secondary objective bonus experience.It is likely you will still be short of the 10,000 you need but there is a treasure item worth 285 XP that you can capture just north of the Buffalo’s pen.

For the last stretch of experience gain you can either wait it out, defending the natives until your constant XP gain from the trade route and other sources pushes you over the limit or you can openly attack the Circle base to draw out its defenders and earn the final batch of experience you need. The moment you hit 10,000 this mission is a victory.

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