Mission 7: “Last City of the Inca”

Having made it through the cold treacherous path of the Andes, Amelia and Kanyenke have finally arrived at the Last City of the Inca. Before the fountain’s water is secured, you must first help the Inca defend this last refugee from a combined force of Russian mercenaries along with the Circle’s fort in the area.

Primary Objective: Gather eight total artillery units into the flagged area before the three Incan Temples are destroyed.

As the game starts off, there a a few important tasks to get underway as soon as possible. First take Amelia and send her to the Native Village all the way at the at end of the map to build a Trading Post and train Native Warriors where your artillery will be arriving. Next take your armed forces and send them to the exposed Inca Temple right outside of your base to defend it and await the Circle’s attempts to build a Fort almost right against the temple which typically occurs three minutes into the game. Once the Fort is down, preferably destroyed before unpacking or being fully built to avoid the grief it can cause when finished, try to send for your own Fort as soon as possible to build near the same temple, just to the south but so any units attacking the temple are within your Fort’s cannon range. Finally get some Livestock pens built to fatten both the Llamas you will receive and find in this level while adding some sheep at the same time. The Livestock Pens will pay off in this level significantly and should be used as a primary source of food.

As the Artillery Pieces you are tasked with bringing to the flagged area by your Town Center arrive near your east Trading Post, leave them in place for now. You will want to train warriors at the post to help defend the position as Russian units will soon come to attack. Keep a limited force stationed here for now, with about 15-20 warriors at most supported by the artillery that shows up, replacing units that are lost.

Secondary Objectives: Destroy the Russian Town Center. (700 XP)

Maintain limited defenses at both the Inca Temple by your Fort and Trading Post while building economy and advancing with haste towards the Industrial Age so you can send for and receive a pair of Factories with which to produce Heavy Cannons. Some Outposts upgraded to the point they have cannons and a few handfuls of Musketeers by your Fort should be sufficient to defend the temple considering the limited amount of enemy artillery in this level, which should still be prioritize by your units whenever possible.

Once you hit the Industrial Age and have your dual Factories producing Heavy Cannons, you can start amassing a larger force of Natives by your artillery arrival spot to the east. Take a built up force and push north through the route the Russians have been approaching your Trading Post from to break into their relatively weakly defended base. Since the enemy has little to no cannon you should be able overcome the enemy easily with the support of your own artillery, bombarding Outposts and the Russian Fort from long range to avoid unnecessary losses. Reinforce your army with more Natives rallied from the Trading Post to keep things moving until the area is wiped clean and your objective satisfied.

Once the Russian base is cleared out, send the artillery to the rally point finally for your primary objective while leaving about 20 native warriors near the top of the map where Russian units continue to spawn for a period of time. You can now send groups of Settlers to pick up any resource crates left behind by the Russians while establishing new resourcing operations to reach better and more plentiful sources of wood and gold. Grouping the now free artillery with whatever Heavy Cannon your Factories have been producing should be more than enough to satisfy the 8 artillery unit requirement, beginning the final stage of the level.

Primary Objective: Destroy the Boneguard Fort

Now it is time to assemble all your artillery while mass producing nothing but Manor Houses and fully upgraded Musketeers until you reach the population cap. Gather everyone up by your Fort which will hopefully still be intact and defending the exposed Inca Temple before washing over the Circle Fort like a tidal wave of destruction. With little to no enemy artillery and a vast array of your own, especially if your Factories have producing them all along, you should have no problem leveling the entire base within moments under a fiery wrath of hot lead. Once the Fort building itself, which is within the larger Stone walls that encompass the base, collapses to the ground you have successfully completed the Last City of the Inca.

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