Hoelbrak Vistas

This guide will cover where to find all 5 vista locations in the Hoelbrak region of the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Within you will find a list of each location with pictures and directions on how to reach it, along with a video walkthrough below.

  1. Bear Lodge
  2. Frost Basin
  3. Lake Mourn
  4. Snow Leopard Lodge
  5. Southern Watchpost
  6. Video Guide

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1. Bear Lodge Vista

The Bear Lodge vista in the city of Hoelbrak is a pretty easy grab, as are most of the locations here. First, take the Hall of Legends waypoint, then travel northwest a bit until you find the domed building seen in the picture above.

The slope of its roof will allow you to run up its side, using it as a ramp to jump onto the nearby rock ledge. Running further northwest along this ledge will take you to the bear ice statue, which you’ll have to leap onto. Run across to the bear’s head, where you will find the vista.

2. Frost Basin Vista

This is another relatively easy grab, with a similar amount of platforming as the first. For this vista, travel to the Eastern Watchtower waypoint. Circle counter-clockwise, heading to the south side of the nearby hill or mountain; the vista is located on top of it.

On the south face of the wall that makes up the side of the hill, you will find a zigzagging ramp that is formed out of the rock itself. You should have little problem jumping and running up it until you reach the sloped-off top portion, where you will see the vista sitting in plain view a few short steps away.

3. Lake Mourn Vista

For the Lake Mourn vista, you will start out traveling to the Hero’s Compass waypoint. From there, head southwest, making a backwards L while following the snow-covered high ground as it curves straight west around the lake towards the point. Running long distances is the name of the game here.

Once you get close, you’ll see the vista sitting on top of some snowy rocks by the wall of the area formed by the steep mountains and cliffs. Run to the right of the point, looking for the crevasse between the rock it sits on and the adjacent rock. Jump up this crevasse while simultaneously running into it to reach the top, and then just take a few steps over to grab the point.

4. Snow Leopard Lodge

To reach the Snow Leopard Lodge vista in the city of Hoelbrak, you will want to take the Raven Lodge waypoint, which is actually closer considering the direction you will need to approach it from. You can run either straight west from there, or choose to circle the foliage if you’d rather not blindly wade through a mass of greenery.

On your map, lock for the white strip which runs between the bit of gray rock the vista sits on and the larger rocky area north of it. You will need to approach this white strip from the part where it meets the Raven Lodge to find the series of ice platforms that allow you to leap up the side of the vista’s rocky hill. You’ll make a U shaped path, doubling back halfway up to jump on more platforms in the opposite direction, before reaching the top from where you can walk over to the point.

5. Southern Watchpost Vista

A really easy grab, you can take the Southern Watchpost waypoint, face north and literally see the vista without actually having to move.

All you need to do is run straight towards it, stopping at the ledge to make sure you are leaping from the point closest to the corner of the building the vista sits on. You should have little problem making the landing, from where its a short walk to grab the point and take in some nice snow covered scenery.

Video Guide to the Hoelbrak Vistas

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