Metrica Province Vistas

This guide will cover where to find all of the vista locations in the city of Metrica Province for the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Within you will find a list of each location with pictures and directions on how to reach it, along with video walkthroughs for each.

  1. Artergron Woods
  2. Desider Atum
  3. Inquest Outer Complex
  4. Muridian Uplands
  5. Sunshade Caves
  6. Splorge Metamystics Lab (Hinterlabs)
  7. Incinergen Labs (Hinterlabs)
  8. Voloxian Passage
  9. Wildflame Caverns

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1. Artergron Woods Vista

From the Arterium waypoint in Metrica Province, run into the nearby fort directly west of you and find the set of stairs that lead up to the defensive wall, on the right as you enter. Once you reach the top of the wall, double back and head towards the tower on the southwest corner of the fort.

Inside the tower is a spiral staircase that leads you to another open area where you will find some crates and barrels stacked against the wall of a second tower that rises further. Jump up these crates, then onto the awning over the closed door, then to the wood platforms that run the rest of the way up the building and onto its roof, where the vista awaits.

2. Desider Atum Vista

To find this vista, travel to the Desider Atum waypoint and enter the facility itself, traveling up the first set of stairs through the main entrance. At the top of this set of stairs, look to the northwest, against the nearby wall of the upper portion of the building. You will see some semi-transparent, glowing plants with some floating steps just above them.

Run to these plants, and use the steps by jumping up them to get to a ledge above you, then cross it to reach another set of floating steps. After this second set, you will reach an upper part of the Atum with some stairs. Take the stairs and follow the path that leads you around the outside of this upper area until you find the vista sitting across from you on an arched structure. Jump on top of the force field railing and from there you should be able to leap across to the vista.

3. Inquest Outer Complex Vista

Actually situated just outside the complex, this vista can be reached by taking the Hexane waypoint just outside the facility and traveling towards the main entrance. However, instead of going through the entrance, circle the facility counterclockwise towards the northwest.

Drop down the west side of the facility towards where the water meets the ground and follow it until you see where the ground rises up again around the edge, eventually leading you underneath the waterfall. The vista will be in plain view, but it’s potentially guarded by Ettin.

4. Muridian Uplands Vista

South from the Muridian WP and northwest from the Artegron WP, you will find a point of interest known as the C.L.E.A.N. Station, which is a small, friendly encampment with a golem, some tents, and free-floating tapestries. Facing the station itself, you will see some brick platforms to its right or west side.

Jump up these platforms and use a running jump to leap from the tip of the corner closest to the floating rugs, landing on the closest rug itself. From the rug you landed on, run up to where it curls up at the end (closest to the hill the station is built into), then jump onto the middle rug, from which you can leap up onto the hill itself. From there, just run to the right where the peak gets a little less steep so you can run up and grab the vista at the top.

5. Sunshade Caves Vista

Southeast of the Akk Wilds waypoint near the point of interest, but just south of that, there is an entrance to a cave that runs west, through the mountains south of where you teleport in. You will have to travel from the wp until you find the cave, enter it and make your way through its long winding cavern until you reach the open air again, on the ledge where the vista sits for you to collect, otherwise unreachable by more direct methods.

This point isn’t so complicated to collect as it is just arduous, at least more so than most, considering the long travel time and numerous skritt which occupy the caves and hinder your progress.

6. Splorge Metamystics Lab (Hinterlabs) Vista

The first of two vistas which are located in the Hinterlabs region of Metrica Province. As the title suggests, this particular point of the two is located atop the Splorge Metamystics Lab.

Approach the building’s southwest corner from the east, from the direction of Jeztar Falls wp. You will see some free floating steps that lead you up towards the roof of the building. Follow these up until you reach the roof, in front of a ridged slope. Head to the right to find a smoother slope which you can easily run up to the tip, turn to your left and jump up to the platform where the vista awaits.

7. Incinergen Labs (Hinterlabs) Vista

This second vista in the Hinterlabs is actually easily reached from the previous point. From where you grabbed the last viewpoint, turn southwest to face the Incinergen Labs and look for the large triangle shaped arch which is built into the building, over the entrance you are facing.

Approach the left side of the arch and look for some raised ground that allows you to jump onto the arch and run your way to its tip. Once at the tip of the arch, look for a free floating set of steps like you’ve used before and follow them up to the platform they lead to where you will find the point to collect.

8. Voloxian Passage Vista

From the Rana Landing waypoint, turn to face the Brill Alliance Labs building to your east which is marked as a point of interest on your map.The vista you will need to collect here sits atop the roof of this building.

Like the Incinergen Labs vista, the first step to getting to this point will involve running up the triangle arch awnings that are built into the walls of many of the buildings here as a ramp towards the roof. You will find the arch in question on the south facing side of this building and a means to reach it via some lower ledges you can jump up to the left of the arch.

Follow the arch which takes you directly to the roof, from where you can turn left and find a passage to the west side of the building. Around the corner lies the vista.

9. Wildflame Caverns Vista

From the Soren Draa waypoint head directly south until reach the rock wall and follow it east, sticking close to it until you reach a point where it curves inwards and opens up into a cave entrance for the Wildflame Caverns.

Run through the entrance until you reach the inner cavern where you will find the vista on a large piece of coiled, raised ground. Simply circle this small hill until you reach a point where you can either just walk or jump up the side of it, following it up to the vista.

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