The Outpost

After choosing the Silent Rock option, the next level in Warrior’s Path will be The Outpost. In this two part level you will have to defend your kingdoms cliffs from impending worm attacks. These creatures are utilized by the people of Hammerfight as trained transports, however the undomesticated ones faced here are a significant threat.

Defeat the Worms

In the first phase of The Outpost you will have to kill a series of both large and small worms, that come up from the bottom of this level. Initially your ally will be on screen, but will quickly leave you on your own. There are soldiers on the cliffs to the side that have guns, and will fire at the enemy attackers to help you.

If you kill them by accident or intentionally, you can get coins and points the same as you would for killing a foe. Try not to do this though, since their help can be useful even if somewhat insignificant.

Fighting the worms during the first shift.

The worms can be killed fastest by striking them on their mouthpiece at the front of the creature, however this is also the most dangerous part of the creature. Should you come into contact with their mouth’s, it will deal serious damage to your vessel. If you are looking to make more money in the end, smashing apart their midsection is safer and will result in more coinage.

If you end up with your mace on the opposite side of the worm from your machine then you can pull away from the beast to tug the worm around with your mace, dealing serious damage and quickly ripping them apart. This is the most devastating method to use against these beasts and the most profitable.

Hammerfight - Silent Rock: The Outpost
Fighting alongside the ally in the second shift.

🐞 Bug (+): Kamikaze Worms

If you stay near the bottom then worms that come from the top right entrance will actually end up smashing themselves into a portion of the cliff, killing themselves and limiting the amount of targets you need to deal with.

If you are still alive after one minute, then The Outpost moves to its second phase where you and your ally are fighting worms together in a new section of the cliffs although without the infantry support. This time around you will be fighting more worms for about two minutes with them coming from both the top and bottom portions of the level. Try to stick to the bottom portion of the map here yet keeping distance from your ally as his hits can daze you and cause damage from hitting the walls or worms.

Items Unlocked: Stone Mace (Cheaply Forged, Heavy)

Hammerfight - Silent Rock: The Outpost
Unlocking the Stone Mace weapon after completing the level.

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