The Council

The Council level brings both branches of chapter one back together. With the meeting underway one final transport is attempting to make it’s way to the cliff, but in the dead of night, giant deadly creatures lurk about. It is up to you to run out to save the vessel and defeat it’s aggressor.

Note: The opening scene can seem like it bugs out because it takes so long to progress, however just be patient. It just takes a long time for your machine to meet up with the transport.

The Sophit Attacks

Eventually the cut-scene will break all of a sudden with the Sophit attacking you and the transport. Quickly hit it and attempt to dodge its grab which can be sudden and hard to avoid. The whole level will revolve around your fight with this creature while keeping it from attacking the vessel.

Without the lamp to give you a source of light, it can be difficult to see when the Sophit is coming up to attack you, especially if it retreats all the way off-screen. For the purpose of getting an idea when it is close, you can listen for the yells from the people on the transport along with their rifle shots fired when it starts to approach.

Hammerfight - The Council
The level opens with the Sophit lunging in attack.

You have several options when it comes to dealing with this beast, the first and most time efficient is to smack it directly in the head, preferably between the eyes.

If you can time your strike so your weapon swings down hard into its face while it lunges towards you, you can cause massive damage, potentially even killing it with a single massive blow, although decent heavy hits will take 3-5 strikes typically.

Hammerfight - The Council
Slicing apart the back end of the Sophit.

Max Profit

If you want to profit more off of this fight, and take the beast out piece by piece while collecting the waves of coins triggered by such, then it would probably be best to focus on its arms at first. This way you can disable it’s attack and give yourself an easier time. The sword is excellent for this purpose.

Afterwards start cutting up the tail section, stopping about midway before attacking the head itself. This will give you the best coin output while also slowing the beast as its tail is chopped apart. Stopping midway is best to avoid killing the creature without destroying the head, which is the best coin bearing section of the creature.

Once the Sophit falls with the transport and your machine still in one piece, you are victorious.

Hammerfight - The Council
The Sophit is killed and the Council mission is complete.

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