Ruin Mode Guide: Junction

Junction is the first ruin mode map you will have access to taking place on the Martian surface by what resembles Red Faction buildings with multiple solar towers about.

Par Score: 12,000,000
Unlocked Reward: Desolation Map

Valuable Structures in Junction:

As soon as you start, look behind the direction you begin facing to find an Overpass. Aim for the supports beneath the road itself. This structure is capable of driving the multiplier up quite quickly, giving you a full bonus right away.

The Solar Towers are what you should focus on for the most part as they offer the next biggest value in a small package. Aim for their base while lining up your shots with nearby structures so your plasma charge passes through said building before exploding on the tower’s supports. There are a lot of explosive containers to aim for around the base of these towers to quicken the job while adding to your score.

The Structure built into the top of the cliff to the top left of your screen from the starting position. There is a larger red explosive container atop of this structure that can be detonated to quickly bring this valuable structure down, further pummeling the structures built into the ground below.

This level is fairly easy to hit par on, and as you can see in this video, you don’t need to be on point in order to pass. If you’re looking for the high score on the leaderboards however, that is a different story.

“Junction” Ruin Mode Video Guide

Last Updated on October 4, 2020 by Standard of Entertainment