Fort Neugrad Treasure Map
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Fort Neugrad Treasure Chest - Location
The chest nestled in it’s nook.

This walkthrough guide for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim serves to assist players in finding the Fort Neugrad Treasure Map and the associated Treasure Chest found east of the nearby lake, as part of the series of unmarked objectives known collectively as The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt.

The 11 maps that make up the treasure hunt are spread out in various locations around Skyrim that once found, spawn a Treasure Chest, filled with valuables, in another specific location.

Fort Neugrad Treasure Map location: Fort Neugrad Tower
Treasure Chest Location: East of Fort Neugrad across the lake.

Remember, you have to find the Treasure Map before the associated chest will spawn. You cannot try to skip ahead.

Finding the Fort Neugrad Treasure Map

Meow Gallery: The layout none is not available in this version.

Fort Neugrad is a large Bandit dungeon that is southeast of Helgen, the town which is destroyed in the opening scenes after creating a new character, which is in turn south of Riverwood. You can reach the fort via taking the paths through the mountains, using the world map below as reference.

At this location you will find the large fort overun by hostiles and you will need to clear them out and enter the interior of that main fort building. From there, fight your way through the fort to the upper levels where you will find a ladder that leads to the ceiling, back out into the outdoors of Skyrim. Once you have done this, you will be deposited at the top of the tower of Fort Neugrad and next to a single chest which can be looted for the Treasure Map.

Finding the Forth Neugrad Treasure Chest

Meow Gallery: The layout none is not available in this version.

Once you have picked up the treasure map, you can head directly east. Although you may be able to jump off the tower successfully, it may be safer to just head out the way you same. Seen in the pictures to the right, you can swim directly across the lake and up the hill on the east side.

The treasure chest will be nestled in a corner of the rock wall edge that makes up the nearby mountains, behind some small rocks. Find it and claim your earned rewards.

Fort Neugrad Treasure Map – Video Guide

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