Treasure Map VII
Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt Guide

Treasure Chest VII - Aerial View
Gallows Rock.

This walkthrough guide covers where to find Treasure Map VII and its associated Treasure Chest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. These maps and their chests are part of a larger, unmarked quest known as The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt, being made up of a series of treasure hunting tasks through the use of found maps to accrue some decent leveled wealth.

Treasure Map VII location: Traitor’s Post

Treasure Chest VII Location: Gallows Rock

Note: Remember you can only find the treasure chest once you have retrieved the proper map to begin with. You cannot skip ahead and try to head to the chest without first finding the map, as it will not be there.

How to Find Treasure Map VII
Traitor’s Post

To locate Treasure Map VII, you will first need to make your way to the primary location Traitor’s Post, a small bandit structure in Eastmarch Hold. To reach this location, first travel to Windhelm by the means of any of the for-hire carriages at any of the stable locations in Skyrim, or a direct fast travel if you have uncovered the city already. From there, take the path out to the stables, through Brandy-Mug Farm, and northeast through Hlaalu and Hollyfrost Farms. You will reach a bend in the road before running across Traitor’s Post itself.

You will likely be jumped by the Bandits that occupy the post, as there is a group of several of them that watch the area. Take these targets out along with the Bandit Chief who has likely woken up from his bed to join the fray. Once the enemies are cleared out, enter the house, turn left, then right towards the north side of the house where you find the one full bedroom, technically where the Chief starts out sleeping. In this room is a chest that can be opened and looted to retrieve Treasure Map VII showing Gallows Rock.

How to Find Treasure Chest VII
Gallows Rock

Next, with the map in hand, you will have to make your way to Gallows Rock. The easiest way to get there is to head south of Windhelm and follow the river until you can travel directly west, which is near the Rivershide Shack location past Mara’s Eye Pond (not highlighted below).

Like Traitor’s Post, Gallows Rock is occupied by Bandits, so you will need to fight your way in and clear out all the enemies targeting you outside. Once these are out of the way, locating the chest is easy. Treasure Chest VII is directly under the large angled rock outcropping in the center of the courtyard. Look for the noose hanging from this rock, seen drawn on the map, to find the chest located directly underneath it among some smaller rocks.

Treasure Map VII – Video Guide

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