This guide covers the locations of all of the collectible Servo Skulls which are located in Chapter 4 “Titans of Graia” in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.

All of the 48 servo skulls in the game are located throughout the various levels, typically in out of the way locations, with each providing some form of back story and lore to the events taking place. This comes in the form of short recordings left by other people on the forge world. Collecting all of these, besides providing interesting information, contributes towards unlocking special achievements.

You can find additional guides covering where to find the rest of the Servo Skulls from the main index here.

Chapter 4: “Titans of Graia” Servo Skulls


  1. Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris [1/5]

Because most of this chapter involves riding the Ork Battering Ram and the entire combat sequence that takes place within it, there is a good reason for there being so few skulls here. Most of the regular level type terrain you’ll find is only in the first few minutes of the chapter, limiting the places where they realistically could be hidden.

1. Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris [2/5]

The one and only servo skull that there is to find in chapter 4, “Titans of Graia”, is located in a small alcove which can be found right before crossing the bridge onto the Ork Battering Ram train. If you do a 180 from this point, you’ll see said alcove and a turn to the left which leads you a little bit further down a hall overlooking the main area, with the skull sitting right at the end.

Dominus: “– has a deep wound to the arm. Signs of blood poisoning.”
Magos Cassia: “That’s from an Ork choppa. We can’t stop him from going septic. Make him comfortable and move on.”
Dominus: “You’ve seen these kinds of wounds before?”
Cassia: “Unfortunately, yes — in my first Ork invasion, which I hoped would be my last. Yet, here I am again. Right, who’s next –“

“Titans of Graia” Servo Skulls Video Guide

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