Steel Storm Guides Cleaned Up

Another new announcement today. The Steel Storm Guide site has been given a thorough cleaning and maintenance pass. Everything has been fixed, a lot of formatting has been cleaned up and the Breadcrumb navigation links have been re-enabled.

This checks off another major box as far as site maintenance/rework goes, getting everything current and working right as we keep making the next big steps to grow.

One other point of note, a lot of images were broken around the site, which caused even more extreme wonkieness in some cases the past few weeks. This was due to a misbehaving plugin that was supposed to help transition the site over to using HTTPS. (This was done a few weeks ago) There is still some fixes to be made, namely with regards to the images having non-secure embed links that may throw certificate warnings on the SupCom and Darwinia guide sites until those have been fixed as well.