Guild Wars 2 Quest Guide
Going Undercover: Human Street Rat

This walkthrough guide covers the Human storyline quest, Going Undercover, in the mmorpg Guild Wars 2. This quest is in part 1 of the Human storyline, Crime and Punishment and is available only to those with the Street Rat character background.

In Going Undercover, you are being tasked with infiltrating Two-Blade Pete’s bandit hideout in order to collect information on behalf of the Ministry and get your childhood friend Quinn out of trouble with the law. You’ll be disguised as one of the Bandits, helping them out in various ways while simultaneously gathering the bits of information you’ll need to help put an end to whatever devious plans are up their sleeves.


  1. Speak with the Seraph Archer
  2. Infiltrate the hideout
  3. Speak with Crusher Dan
  4. Kill the Drakes
  5. Speak to Dan (Again)
  6. Place the bait
  7. Defeat Ol’ Skabfin
  8. Speak to Dan (Final)
  9. Speak with Doc Howler
  10. Gather Wicked Tangle
  11. Take the plant to Doc Howler
  12. Speak with Riot Alice
  13. Meet with Logan in Divinity’s Reach
  14. Speak with Logan

Quest Rewards:

  • 1 choice of 3 Fine Chest Armor Pieces
    Armor types dependent on profession.
  • 1 Silver
Guild Wars 2 - Quest Guide - Going Undercover - Human Street Rat
Talking to the archer.

1. Speak with the Seraph archer north of Shaemoor Garrison.
The Seraph archer can point me to the bandit hideout.

Your first task is pretty simple, and more of a waypoint on your way to the quest instance. You’ll find the archer along the road that heads directly east from the Shaemoor waypoint.

2. Infiltrate the bandit hideout to keep Quinn out of jail.
Infiltrate the bandit hideout to keep Quinn out of jail.

Another more waypoint related objective, this time taking you to the instance entrance and actually starting the main part of this quest. When you enter the hideout, upon loading the instance, you’ll be automatically disguised as a bandit with your character changing appearance completely.

3. Speak with Crusher Dan.

Right as you enter the hideout itself, you’ll find a tall balding, somewhat imposing chap by the name of Crusher Dan standing by the entrance. A cinematic dialogue will start up automatically, but once that is finished you need to talk to him again to get your first of a series of task you’ll need to perform for the bandits.

Crusher Dan: Look what the skritt dragged in. Who are you?
Player: I’m new. Just got sprung and I’m eager to prove myself. Pete said to check around and make myself useful.
Crusher Dan: Good. There’s plenty to be done. Just make sure you stay out of the way. And if nobody else has anything for you, check back with me. I’ll put you to work.

4. Kill the drakes infesting the cave pools.

Your first of your tasks here requires killing the nearby River Drakes (lvl 6). There are 5 of them all together, and they are relatively easy to draw one or two at a time, without aggroing the entire group. Interestingly enough, none of the bandit’s seem to have had a problem before, with the now fully grown drakes that seem to literally block or at least hinder the way in and out of the cave…

5. Speak to Crusher Dan (Again)

Nothing special here, just strike up another convo with baldy to get your next task.

6. Place the bait on the stone outside.

Now you are going to summon a slightly tougher enemy to fight. You’ll have to run out the front of the cave (still in the instance) to find the marked rocks and use them to place a Meat On A Stick nearby.

7. Defeat Ol’ Skabfin (lvl 7)

Now it’s time to kill the named Drake you just summoned. Although slightly tougher than a generic enemy, this guy is pretty easy to take down, especially as a ranged class. The one thing to look out for, is it’s special ability Devours Foes, which is proceeded by a power-up graphic that can be seen to the right. Just make sure to dodge out of the way when this happens and you should be gravy. If you need an extra boost of health (and speed) you can pick up and eat the Meat On A Stick with it’s second ability.

Guild Wars 2 - Quest Guide - Going Undercover - Human Street Rat
Doc Howler

8. Speak to Crusher Dan (Final)

One more chat with grumpy, this time you’ll get the option to raise your Ferocity or Charm, or pick a generic response if you choose to remain dignified.

9. Speak with Doc Howler

Now you’ll move to your next task-giver, further in the cave and up a ramp. You’ll get an option here to raise any of your three personality types, then continue on to your next objective.

10. Find and gather the wicked tangle plant.

Continuing further up the ramp that leads around the edge of the cave, you’ll eventually reach another outdoor area near a cemetery, tasked with finding and gathering a specific plant that grows there. There will be a few Forest Grubs (lvl 6) that aren’t too dangerous or numerous.

The plants here will all look different and there are a few wrong ones. The right plant will have purple and pink flowers with large, low to the ground leaves.

11. Take the plant to Doc Howler

Running back to the fine doctor, you’ll turn the plant in to her, then have a conversation where she starts to cue you into what the bandit’s plans are. Mentioning that Two-Blade Pete wanted a strong poison for the upcoming job, the tangle plant will be needed to create a strong antidote for the bandits themselves.

12. Speak with Riot Alice

Your next bandit to converse with will be this lovely Punk/Anarchist lady. There are several options and conversation paths to choose from here. Generally you are going to want to agree with her anarchist ways, even if they don’t make much sense (ie: down with the queen, authority sucks, etc). Being too inquisitive, disbelieving or rational about her viewpoints can lead you to a fight with her, however before she actually attacks you can still backtrack and agree with her to calm things down.

At the end of the conversation, she’ll give you another clue, this time about the location of the attack and start up a cinematic conversation.

Riot Alice: Wait a second. You look really familiar.
Player: I… yeah. I used to run with Pete a long time ago. I just got back. It’s not like it used to be.
Riot Alice: Yeah, Pete’s not the man I thought he was. He doesn’t care about the struggle at all. Just gold.
Player: Why don’t you get out? It’s possible, if you want it bad enough.
Riot Alice: I’ve been thinking about it, believe me. Best not to talk here, though. Hey, stay out of trouble. Maybe I’ll see you again.

13. Meet Logan at Divinity’s Reach office.
Speak to Captain Thackeray in Divinity’s Reach.

Now it’s time to leave the instance and head back to Divinity’s Reach, either the long way on foot if you want to save money, or via the Palace Waypoint in the city. The office will be right next to the wp, and you’ll be entering another instance here. Once inside, you’ll find the captain at the desk, whom you just need to initiate a conversation with to start the final cinematic dialogue here.

Player: I found out what Two-Blade Pete is planning. He and his gang are going to poison the city well. While Everyone is sick, they’ll break into the shops and steal whatever they want.
Countess Anise: Devious. He’s going to hurt a lot of innocent people: women…children. Pete has to be stopped.
Logan Thackeray: It gets worse. My sources tell me Pete knows where Quinn is hiding. The gang thinks Quinn snitched about the apothecary job. Two-Blade Pete’s a loose cannon. Your friend is in real danger. You need to get Quinn out of there before he gets hurt.
Countess Anise: I disagree. You can’t put one person’s life over the well-being of the city.
Logan Thackeray: One person or many. Think about it.

Guild Wars 2 - Quest Guide - Going Undercover - Human Street Rat
Captain Logan Thackeray

14. Speak with Logan.

Your final objective in this mission is to make your choice, which decides the next quest you’ll receive along with having significant impacts on your character’s story and future npc interactions, although either option is viable. Choosing to save Quinn and letting the guard defend the city on their own leads to the The Rescue where helping save the city leads to The Greater Good.


<— Previous Quest: The Apothecary
—> Next Quest: The Rescue or The Greater Good

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