Guild Wars 2 - Vistas in Divinity's Reach - City Map
Divinity’s Reach city map.

Divinity’s Reach Vistas

This guide will cover where to find all 6 vista locations in the city of Divinity’s Reach in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Within you will find a list of each vista location with pictures and directions on how to reach each one, along with a video walkthrough below.


  1. Plaza of Lyssa
  2. Plaza of Grenth
  3. District Promenade
  4. The Great Collapse
  5. Western Commons
  6. The Upper City
  7. Video Guide

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1. Plaza of Lyssa Vista

The Plaza of Lyssa is found in the northeast corner of the city of Divinity’s Reach. The vista is atop one of the two temple-like buildings that sit to either side of the lower level of the plaza. From either the Salma Waypoint or the Plaza’s waypoint, you can head to the northern ramp, jumping onto the side of it to find the spot seen in the second picture above. From there, you can drop down without taking too much damage.

Alternatively, you can walk up to the building from the Salma Waypoint, forgoing the shortcut to avoid falling damage, and follow the path, which eventually leads up a spiral staircase. Once you’re on top of the building, head to the northwest corner and jump across the small gap there near the flower beds to land on the columns that surround the building. From here, you can just walk west along the panels, which form a walkway directly to this vista.

2. Plaza of Grenth Vista

On the right side of the Plaza of Grenth, which is found in the northern section of the city, you will find the next vista on top of a mausoleum towards the back of a cemetery. From the waypoint nearby, you can just walk down the east ramp and curve around to your left to end up here.

Once you get to the back of the cemetery, you should easily see the building with the vista on top of it. Walk behind that building and look for the small tombstones; these are arranged like platforms that you can jump on in turn to reach a tall building just to the northwest of the vista.

From there, you will have to leap off the arch, aiming for the corner of the roof of the vista building. It can be a little tricky to nail; however, you should keep in mind that the geometry doesn’t quite fall off where it looks like it should. It’s important to account for this and delay your jump just a bit so you can make the landing. Also remember you can modify your path in midair with the movement keys.

3. District Promenade Vista

From the Ossan Waypoint, you want to head east towards the nearest portal “elevator,” which can take you to the upper level of Divinity’s Reach where this vista resides. You will find this portal along the wall to the right, and it will be marked on your map with an icon that shows an up arrow coming out of a box.

Once on the upper levels, head back west, hugging the wall and following the path that curves to the south a bit before turning west again. You will go through a small tunnel then come out the other side, where to your right you will find the roof of a shingled building. You can walk right out onto it, and your vista point awaits at the end.

4. The Great Collapse Vista

This is definitely the easiest vista to reach in the entire city. From either the Collapse or Melandru waypoints, all you need to do is run straight to the vista point without falling into the massive hole in the center of the map (or something equally ridiculous). At the vista point, you will find a large wooden structure that is basically a series of ramps connecting a series of platforms. The final one at the top contains your vista point. All you need to do is run for a bit to retrieve this bit of scenery.

5. Plaza of Melandru Vista

In order to get this vista, first travel to the Melandru waypoint and head down the ramp that sits between the upper area where you teleport in and the vista in the temple gardens. Hop onto the railing as seen in the pictures above, and jump down when you reach the point where the columns with the plank-like walkways meet the wall of the side of the ramp you are on.

Once you’re on the circular structure, you want to head counterclockwise until you reach the opposite end, taking care when passing through the tree branches that obscure your view since it can be easy to lose track of your character and accidentally run off the side. Once at the opposite end, you will see a series of smaller pillars in the center of the structure you just circled, and you must hop on them, platformer style, to reach the vista. It sits atop the fourth one from the planked path.

6. The Upper City Vista

From the Palace waypoint, you will want to run straight towards the vista point to the south through the gardens. Once you get close, you will have to initially approach the vista from the 9 o clock position, or approaching from it’s west to find the little ridge to make it up the first u shaped platform you need to climb up. Then circle the vista clockwise to the 1-2 o clock position to reach the next little ridge/ramp that takes you a little higher and closer to the point.

Once on the central platform, you will see a column in the center with mini-platforms that jut out from it. Jump onto the lowest one, and continue to jump up each successive platform in a clockwise manner to reach the vista point.

Video Guide to the Divinity’s Reach Vistas

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