Treasure Map II
Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt Guide

Treasure Chest II
Treasure Chest II

This walkthrough guide for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim serves to assist players in finding Treasure Map 2 and the associated Treasure Chest as part of the series of unmarked objectives known collectively as The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt. The 11 maps that make up the treasure hunt are spread out in various locations around Skyrim that once found, spawn a Treasure Chest in another specific location. Each of these chests are filled with an assortment of valuables, the worth of which is determined by your current level.

Treasure Map II location: Journeyman’s Nook

Treasure Chest Location: Valthiem Keep

Protip: Remember that you must have found and looted the Journeyman’s Nook Treasure Map 2 before the Valthiem Keep Treasure Chest will appear, you cannot skip ahead and just go to the chest’s location as it will not be there otherwise.

Finding Treasure Map II
Journeyman’s Nook

Treasure Map II is found within the primary location Journeyman’s Nook which is a small snow-covered building inhabited by Bandits. Taking the path that leads southeast out of Winterhold will bring you within close vicinity of this location, which will be found to the left of the path in the snowy fields. Whistling Mine which is the mine location seen just west of the nook in the world map picture below (not highlighted) is a good marker for when you are close by, as it is a short trek east and north slightly from there.

Finding Treasure Chest II
Valthiem Towers

To find the Treasure Chest associated with Treasure Map II, first travel to the Valthiem Towers located east of Whiterun and Dragonsreach. You can get there easily by just following the river all the way to the towers, watching out for some critters like Mudcrabs that might try to hinder your progress, not that they are much of a threat.

Once you reach the Towers themselves, you may need to clear out the Bandits that inhabit it unless you want to sneak past the lot of them towards the chest. They will have archers along the bridge that connects the two towers that will fire upon you when they catch wind of your approach.

Once you have dealt with them in one way or another, go past the towers, under the bridge until you are almost at the edge of the waterfall. From there, turn around so you are facing the bridge and towers again, then look to the left bank where you will find the chest lodged in a rock outcropping. Claim your rewards and enjoy life as a slightly richer Dragonborn.

Treasure Map II – Video Guide

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