The Arena

In part 7 of Hammerfight you will continue your exploits to earn fame in the Jarghanian Tournament in the Port of Melka. Your participation in this tournament will be latter used to take revenge for the fall of you kingdom.
At this point you will be presented with the Training Hall which allows you to finally purchase weapons and items for your machine. Definitely spend some of your saved up coin on new weapons and consider bringing dual weapons or armor with you in the following levels since you now have the option to do so.
The weapons utilized by the machines in these fights are usually random with each level attempt unless specified.

The Arena – Part 7-1

This is a basic one on one fight with another warrior flying a machine within an enclosed arena. Just beat the crap out of you opponent or knock him into submission. This level will unlock the Training Hall which grants you the ability to swap out your weapons between missions and purchase other useful items for your machine.

Unlocked Mode: Training Hall

Video Time-stamp: 0:00

Hammerfight - The Arena
An opponent begs for mercy after getting knocked the fuck out.

The Arena – Part 7-2

This level is another straight forward gladiatorial combat type of mission split into two parts. First you will fight a single enemy one on one. Once this guy has been taken out you will be presented with a pair of enemy opponents to fight before you can achieve victory. Keep in mind you do not heal between the two sets of fights so try to avoid taking too much damage in the initial 1 on 1 bout.

Note: Make sure you pick up the ranged weapon, the Arquebus that drops during the Training Hall session after this fight. If you do not take it into the next battle, it will be permanently lost.

Video Time-stamp: 2:21

Hammerfight - The Arena
Getting fired on by the enemy’s ranged weapon.

The Arena – Part 7-3

Again, make sure you equip the Arquebus weapon before leaving the Training Hall after the last fight, also taking some time to get used to how to fire it accurately. One again, this level will consist of two main fights, the first of which will be a one on one. Your first opponent will always be armed with a Arquebus himself and usually a mace of some kind.

Once you have either taken out or incapacitated your first foe, a gang of three will quickly drop from the ceiling to attack you, all armed with single swords or hammers. This second group seems to never have ranged weapons themselves. Again, you do not heal between fights so try to conserve your health in the first battle. Enemy machines with ranged weapons are usually a pushover unless they have the Mortar or Dynamite launcher, however you probably won’t see that for a while.

Note (bug?): It seems to be a bug that enemies with ranged weapons will never try to retrieve any dropped weapons, even if completely disarmed by your attacks. If you want to avoid dishonorable hits or kills, it may be difficult but try not to ever take off their melee weapon. Otherwise just accept the honor loss as its pretty hard to avoid.

Unlocked Item: Arquebus (Ranged) – Again, only if you brought it with you.

Video Time-stamp: 4:36

Hammerfight - The Arena
Fighting 3 machines at once in part 7-3.

The Arena – Part 7-4

In this final part of Arena in Chapter 2 “Melka” of Hammerfight, you will be taking on just one enemy, the head-honcho you’ve been trying to seek revenge on. Most importantly for you however, is the weapon this dude carries into battle. He will be outfitted with a single Iron Hammer that has been socketed with a large Fire Gem. The only way to unlock it for yourself is to retrieve it from him within the level so for this reason, it will best to take only one weapon, or if taking two, one you don’t mind throwing away.

It may be best to take a weapon with either a long reach or fast striking capabilities to best avoid the very powerful hits this gemmed Iron Hammer can put out. The gem that sits inside of the hammer will cause it to emit a burst of flames after it strikes anything, including walls, a couple times in quick succession. This is when it’s at the most dangerous, since you and level objects can be lit on fire. Grab the weapon as soon as you knock it off your enemy or blast him to pieces, as you will have a few moments of control to do so as the victory graphic comes up.

Video Time-stamp: 7:56

After this level you will be presented one of two choices for which path of missions to take, either Melkah Fortress (pt8 A) or Aver-Aseed Rock (pt8 B). Both path’s and what they present will be covered in their own pages.

Hammerfight - The Arena
The Iron Hammer is lit aflame.
Hammerfight - The Arena
Boss man is smashed.

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