Battle-Born Farm
The Battle-Born Farm is a small farm located just outside the city of Whiterun. This small plot of land, owned by the Battle-Born clan is home to Gwendolyn, who lives in the house and works the farm during the day. Although she does not live in the farm with Gwendolyn, you can also find Alfhid Battle-Born working here during the day as well. There are crops to harvest and sell, a few crafting stations and most notably some nearby ore to mine.
Embershard Mine
Embershard Mine is one of the first bandit encampments and Iron Ore Vein locations players can find upon beginning a new game within The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Occupied by a small weak force of enemies, this area is perfect for low level characters who wish to begin accruing minerals for smithing armor and weaponry, or just beating up a bunch of bandits while taking their loot.
Journeyman’s Nook
Journeyman’s Nook is a small structure half-buried in the snowdrifts around it, located outside of Winterhold. This small building is home to a couple of side quest objectives as well as a single Bandit who camps inside. You will a few other miscellaneous items of note within besides these quest related objectives.
Journeyman’s Nook
The locations for the Standing Stones (activated towers that give player buffs) are covered in their own index, which you can find here.
Valtheim Towers
The Valtheim Towers are a pair of towers on either side of White River with a bridge connecting the two, just before the waterfall. A number of Bandits have occupied these towers and will try to elicit “tolls” from passing travelers who don’t want to be attacked. Besides being a location for a number of side and miscellaneous quests, there is a fair bit of loot here worth taking out the Bandits for.

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