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This guide continues the level walkthroughs for MechCommander 2, covering the first 4 missions in the Liao campaign. The Liao campaign is the second part of the game coming after the Steiner portion which can be found here. All portions of this guide and its previous parts have been written for Veteran difficulty for reasons explained in the Steiner part 1 guide.

Tips to Remember:
At this point in the game you will start capturing a large variety of Clan weaponry, having Clan versions of pretty much every weapon by the end of this campaign. It is very important to start swapping out your loadouts so you are using as many Clan weapons as possible. They all have higher rates of fire than their Inner Sphere variants with essentially the same requirements, making a major difference in these missions. Its also a good idea to put some extra armor plates on your mechs since the enemies start hitting exceptionally hard in this campaign.

The first mission in the Liao Campaign has you rescuing a local prison complex holding a group of Rebels which some Steiner forces have decided to demolish.
This level in the Liao Campaign of MechCommander 2 now tasks your mercenary forces with intercepting a series of convoys that are destined for 2 different bases in the area. All four groups will travel down the single main road on this map, coming from the east and traveling west.
In Facility Assault: Hijack of the Liao Campaign in MechCommander 2, it is time to really mix things up in Carver 5, pitting the Steiner and Davion forces against each other by attacking the western Steiner bases with mechs salvaged from the east Davion base.
Mission 3 in the Liao Campaign in MechCommander 2 has you fighting on the moon of Carver 5, bereft of any support and with limited forces against a heavily defended facility. Your task here will be to destroy they HPG network that is built here, effectively cutting off all interstellar communication from Carver 5.

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