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General Tips for Following This Guide

The videos and accompanying text portions were done as though the game is being played in Veteran difficulty. I’ve found that in MechCommander 2, the Regular difficulty is so easy it requires no real special tactics while Elite difficulty is so insane that Centipedes and Harassers will smash the cockpits of Medium and Heavy mechs as though they were paper, forcing many restarts of missions due to some of the nutty lucky shots, besides taking forever to down even infantry. In essence, this choice is one of both efficiency and challenge, and trust me Veteran is no walk in the park. Patience, timing and Strategy is a must, as going head first into a fight can lead to a quick disaster and subsequent restart of the level.

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Cinematic 1 – The Chaos March

The Chaos March rages on, a time of intense civil war in the Inner Sphere and one of the more significant events in the Battletech timeline. The many Houses, factions ruled by royal families that occupy several solar systems, with each having their own set of territories and borders, are now at each others throats. Things look to be getting ugly for most of the Inner Sphere, however, you as a Mercenary for hire, stand to make quite a bit of business due to the events.

This mission is the first level of MechCommander 2, sending you directly into the action. This is also the only level without a logistics phase. You will start off with 2 Bushwackers and a single Razorback mech to complete this mission.
This mission is the first to have a logistics phase, allowing you to purchase and modify your arsenal of mechs and weaponry. Take some time to learn the ins and outs of what you can do here, as what you bring to the table is 50% or more of how well you may fare in a mission. For this level you can opt out of sensor mechs if you so choose, since there will be a large sensor grid to capture early on which will give you radar coverage over most of the map.
The third mission in the Steiner campaign will have you ambushing a convoy containing a Mobile HQ vehicle, then capturing a weapons facility which you must later defend from a counterattack. For this mission you should bring sensors, which means a Razorback, then filling the rest of your weight limit with either heavy or medium mechs. I chose a Razorback, 2 Bushwackers and the Starslayer I salvaged in mission 1.
The fourth mission is where things begin to get hairy, story-wise, in MechCommander 2, with what begins as an interception of a Bandit convoy of vehicles into a retaliatory strike against the Liao forces in the area.
Mission 5 in the Steiner campaign of MechCommander 2, continues the story of the game and the events of the Chaos March, with your forces being tasked with raiding an unsuspecting Liao base in the dead of night.
So as it turns out, the Liao don’t really like Steiner forces showing up and plowing their bases into the ground at night. In exchange for the bill of damaged and captured goods you left them last mission, the Liao have decided its time the favor on a Steiner base.
With the Liao and Steiner being at full blown conflict at this point, it is time to take a moderately sized force into enemy territory and capture the Liao HQ in the area, to cut off their support for the Bandits.
In this final level considered part of the 3 levels that make up your 6th mission set, you will be tasked with eliminating a Bandit airfield to reduce their air support options in the final, 7th mission which will have you assaulting their HQ.
Now its time for the final mission in the Steiner campaign. With this mission you are tasked with finishing off the Bandit forces by destroying their HQ which is located in this area, built inside the nose of a crashed aircraft. You will face the toughest challenge so far along with your first “Boss” fight with the Bandit leader.

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