Quest Guides

Sorry, we know this is a bit on the light side. There was only ever a few quest guides we made for GW2, but these are the ones we have:

Breaking the Blade is the final quest which is in part 1 of the Human storyline in Guild Wars 2, for those with the Street Rat character background. It’s time for Two-Blade Pete and his bandit gang to be wiped out once and for all.
Voices From the Past is the first quest in this section of the Human’s personal storyline which starts after completing the Crime and Punishment chain, which follows one of three paths depending on your background. This starts with a friendly stranger promising to give you some information as to their whereabouts and what happened to them.
The Rescue is one of two possible quests players can perform in this part of the story line, dependent on the choices made in the previous quest. Your character has gotten word that Quinn’s Hideout has been discovered by Two-Blade’s gang, and their knowledge of his assisting the authorities against the bandits, means he is a prime target for retribution.
n Going Undercover, you are being tasked with infiltrating Two-Blade Pete’s bandit hideout in order to collect information on behalf of the Ministry and get your childhood friend Quinn out of trouble with the law.

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