Treasure Hunt Map & Chest Locations
Guide Index

This page serves as an index for all of the guides we have covering the The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt maps and their associated chests. Each guide goes into details about where to find both the map and the chests that spawn upon acquiring the maps. There are several maps to find throughout Skyrim (we are missing a few right now) but each one can be found only once, but provides significantly valuable rewards for doing so.

Map: Bandit Camp – Ilinalta Foothills
Map: Journeyman’s Nook
Chest: Valthiem Keep
Map: Riverside Shack
Chest: Solitude Lighthouse
Map: Redoran’s Retreat
Chest: Mountain south of Pelagia Farm
Map: Angi’s Shack
Chest: Lost Valley Redoubt
Map: A Bloody Trail (The Pale)
Chest: Korvanjund
Map: Traitor’s Post
Chest: Gallows Rock
Map: Hunter’s Last Stand (Seashore of Ghosts)
Chest: Dragon Bridge
Map: Fort Neugrad Tower
Chest: East of Fort Neugrad across the lake.

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