Warrior’s Path Guide

This strategy guide and walkthrough covers the missions in the solo story mode of Hammerfight, Warrior’s Path. Levels are organized by chapters that give a more detailed overview of their Mission Tree. Within the level guides themselves, you will find a general description of each mission along with hints and tips on how to beat each one along with pictures and a video playthrough.
Warrior's Path (Story Mode)

How to follow this guide:

The chapter walkthroughs are broken up by each part in the Warrior’s Path instead of by actual levels. While most parts do only consist of a single mission, many are several levels tied together very closely. Within each part’s section you will find the guide is organized by these sub sections with tips and hints on the progression for each. Within each guide are pictures of the levels and below each text portion is a video walkthrough of the entire part. Items unlocked in the mission will be highlighted in bold at the bottom of each text portion.

There are several points in the game where you can choose one of two separate paths to continue on. These will grant you certain levels and rewards exclusive to that path’s choice and will be signified with letters after the part number and the path’s name in parenthesis.

Finally since this game is unfortunately plagued with some bugs and errors, it is necessary to point them out. These will be highlighted in bold where applicable and are signified with a sign for a drawback or a + sign if the bug is something that can be used to help you (rare).

If you know of a bug, workaround or other useful information not already covered you can feel free to suggest it and I will provide credit if included.

The version of the game this was last updated for is 1.05.
Boss man is smashed.

Getting Extra Info:

Make sure to check out the images within each guide, most of them have captions which help provide additional useful details with a screen shot of the level. If you do not see the caption, click the image to view a larger version in a lightbox display that will have the extra details within.

Chapter 1: The Gaiars

The Gaiars is the first of four chapters in the Warrior’s Path solo mode of Hammerfight, introducing you to the game world. As the story begins you are a warrior being given your first instruction on the operation of the ancient and highly respected combat machines that are actually unearthed artifacts from long ago.

Chapter 2: Melka

In this second of four chapters in the Solo Mode of Hammerfight, the kingdom of Gaiar has fallen after the people rose against them at the end of their seven year rule. The few remaining Gaiar were either sold as slaves or forced to live in secret settlements deep underground. Unfortunately you are part of the former group, sold into slavery for a gladiatorial type of sport involving the machines.

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