Real-Time Strategy; Base, Army and Economy Building style
Single Player Campaign (24 Missions)
AI Skirmish
1-8 Players through Online
Expansions: The Warchiefs, The Asian Dynasties
Developed by Ensemble Studios
Platforms: Windows, Mac, N-Gage, Windows Mobile
Released: October 18, 2005
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Age of Empires III Guides

Full Campaign Guide by SOE

Act I “Blood”

Act 2 “Ice”

Act 3 “Steel”

The text and image base guides are hosted off-site, with all 24 missions, split into 3 articles, one devoted to each of the three acts which in turn contain eight missions of the campaign each. There is no off-site central index for these guides but they are inter-linked. The video guides are included in these walkthroughs. If you are only interested in watching the video walkthroughs however, you can find a full playlist of all the videos on YouTube, below.

What is Age of Empires III?

Age of Empires III offers gamers the next level of realism, with advanced battle physics and unparalleled visual detail. The new game picks up where Age of “Empires II: Age of Kings” left off, placing gamers in the position of a European power determined to explore, colonize and conquer the New World. This time period features stunning scenes, from towering European cathedrals to courageous tribes of Native Americans, and spectacular combat with Industrial Age units like rifled infantry, cavalry and tall ships bristling with cannons. Age of Empires III excites strategy gamers with new game-play elements, including the concept of a “Home City,” new civilizations, units, technologies and an immersive new single-player campaign that will span three generations.

Our Opinion:

An excellent installment in the series, the game looks and plays beautifully even years after it’s release. The campaign has an engaging storyline, told with the same epic feel the series is known for. Thoroughly enjoyed creating the guides for this classic.

Video Guides

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